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Enjoy your cake and coffee too: Celebrate National Coffee Cake Day

Celebrate National Coffee Cake Day
Celebrate National Coffee Cake Day
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The Danish were famous for their sweet bread recipes that they enjoyed alongside a cup of coffee. This became very popular in Europe around the seventeenth century. The sweet breads were a very yeasty type of cake that was quite sweet and served in the mornings at breakfast time.

Now every year on April 7 the country celebrates a sweet food holiday known as “National Coffee Cake Day”!

Surprisingly as it may seem most sweet break cakes now referred to as coffee cakes aren’t usually baked containing coffee. For the most part many Americans still enjoy a cup of coffee when indulging in a piece of coffee cake. Although coffee cakes are still eaten in the mornings they now are considered a dessert cake and eaten after dinner as well.

Coffee cakes are a little different from most other cake recipes because they have their own special topping whereas other cakes need to be frosted. The Streusel or cinnamon crumb topping brings these cakes their unique appearance and this is where the sweetness brings more of the simple cake it sits upon.

The most popular coffee cake is covered with a layer of cinnamon flavored crumbs with a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar on top. Over the years new recipes have been created by adding various flavored extracts, nuts, chocolate and even fruits to make them more interesting and appealing.

Grab a slice of coffee cake alongside a steaming cup of coffee and celebrate “National Coffee Cake Day”!

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