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Eat this not that, or is it eat that and not this.

Yea for good food
Lois Trader drew this

7 food items that you should eat in a 7 day period. It's been scientifically proven that people who eat more vegetables, get regular exercise, allow for dark chocolate, munch on kale infused salad, and enjoy a cup of joe are healthier. These delicious ingredients are just part of what we call 7in7. (okay not we, me - but it's catchy)

Add these 7 ingredients to a piece of paper, make 7 lines across and 7 lines down. Yes you can use word or excel if you don't want to free hand.

On the top column right the following foods:

  1. Apples
  2. Pears
  3. Kale
  4. Dark Chocolate
  5. Beans
  6. Coffee
  7. Blueberries

Next on the left side column add the days of the week:

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Saturday
  7. Sunday

Now go to the store and buy items 1-7. Whenever you eat one of these items of food mark a check underneath it and across from the corresponding day. At the end of the week, see what you did and didn't eat.

Start over. You can switch up the items with these great foods:

  1. Avocado
  2. Oranges or Tangerines
  3. Greek Yogurt
  4. Cucumbers
  5. Celery
  6. Steel Cut Oatmeal
  7. Brown rice

Start over and add these great foods to one of the lists, switch it up a bit.

  1. Kemp, Chia, Flax seeds added to your cereal, shake or yogurt
  2. Fiber Plus bars for on the run and 1/3 the fiber most of us need a day.
  3. Yams/Sweet Potatoes
  4. Broccoli
  5. Cauliflower
  6. Spinach
  7. Nuts (preferably - unsalted)

Here's to a easy peasy way to eat your way to lifelong health and keep track of it at the same time.

Lois Trader - author of 7in7, soon to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. And all proceeds go to the education of women's heart disease prevention and control.

Kale Mother Nature


Kale the perfect green these days... you're not cool if you don't eat Kale. Kale chips, kale sandwich, kale on toast. Eat it, wear it, live it.

Apple a day
Apple a day Mother Nature

Apple a day

Yes it's true an apple a day might just keep the doctor away... Or at least help you not become constipated. Fiber is Apple's middle name.

Mushrooms Mother Nature


When I was younger I heard about mushrooms that might not have been that good for your brain, but these yummy mushrooms cooked all kind of ways are full of vitamins you might not otherwise find in foods.

Butternut Squash
Butternut Squash Mother Nature

Butternut Squash

If you have this vegetable down then I'm proud of you. I know how good it is, but can't seem to master it, unless I buy it already cut up in cubes at Costco. But when I do buy it, it's a great fiber enriched super food.

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Mother Nature

Dark Chocolate

Is there any news better than how good dark chocolate is for us? I think not. Full of all the good things our brain needs. If you don't indulge tell me how and why you don't.

White Beans
White Beans Mother Nature

White Beans

KIDNEY BEAN, RED OR WHITE ... WHITE - (Small White or Pea) - A name given to a group of beans that are basically white in color and have similar textures and flavor.

Pear Mother Nature


I pear you to eat just one. No really pears are so vitamin enriched and healthy for us, we can forget them while running through the produce isle. Don't.

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