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Easy Social Shop enables merchants to better leverage sales in the social space

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The proliferation of social media networking has transformed the way merchants conduct business nowadays. Easy Social Shop, the Tel Aviv-based startup, facilitates the time for merchants to migrate all information from their existing e-commerce platform or website within just a few clicks a nifty Facebook shop is born to engage active social shoppers.

The formula put together by Easy Social Shop is to reduce the hassle for merchants to invest on learning all the ropes on social networks and social commerce. In addition, the Facebook shop runs smoothly irrespective of the changes that occur or take place constantly evolving platform for Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

In the beginning, social commerce did not take off right away since the approach had to be less aggressive and tweak a more suited sales pitch online. Retailers have been adapting their brand strategies on the Facebook platform gradually and learned to create meaningful interactions with shoppers through their products.

The challenges besides showcasing the products or services was how to effectively tailor the shoppers in the social sphere. With Easy Social Shop the headache and time-consuming process of setting up on the social network is done an impeccable integration.

“So we started by providing the simple way for merchants to release their products on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We could not find something feasible, so we built it. Today you can launch your selling activity on Facebook in one click. So what makes us unique is the simplicity,” said Co-Founder and CEO Nissim Lehyani of Easy Social Shop. “Then we are providing intuitive tools to post this to the social network and besides that we are providing great analytics for better insight on the target audience.”

The company’s growth has been exponential since they are currently running over 90,000 websites. In other words, 90,000 Facebook shops are live at the moment on the site This includes support in seven languages (English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch) and merchants from over 142 countries.

If you are a merchant who runs a business on a major e-commerce platform (Ebay, Amazon, Prestashop, Wix, Etsy, Shopify and Magento) the sync will be smooth once you import all relevant and product content.

The Facebook shop comes equipped with functionality, the customization tools to differentiate you from the competition. The key is to use as much as possible the customizations in order to attract your targeted consumer. Furthermore, the analytics is also provided to gain valuable insight on the shoppers online.

“What are we working on right now is actually a very very cool new capability. I cannot say much about it but what I can say is that we going to provide these merchants to not only maximize their organic reach, but to leverage the data they are generating to increase their sales,” asserted Lehyani.

Front Store
Front Store Easy Social Shop

Front Store

The Easy Social Shop concept allows merchants to create a virtual shop on Facebook without losing too much time coding. If you are in one of the seven platforms supported import your website and instantly have a shop on the leading social media network. 

Product information
Product information Easy Social Shop

Product information

After the importing the information, you will have the capability to customize the presentation for your products. After all everything revolves around a clean look and feel to displayed information nowadays. 

Sync shop to Facebook
Sync shop to Facebook Easy Social Shop

Sync shop to Facebook

Once you have successfully imported your website and product information you will leverage larger exposure thanks to the billions of users on Facebook. All it takes is an existing website and moments later your shop is live. 

Share Everywhere
Share Everywhere Easy Social Shop

Share Everywhere

With a seamless integration your shoppers will be able to share their products with their friends.
Th social buttons provided by Easy Social Shop will have your products posted on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Works With Your Platform
Works With Your Platform Easy Social Shop

Works With Your Platform

No need to learn HTML, Java, C++, JavaScript, SQL or any other. Easy Social Shop facilitates the transition since it supports major e-commerce platforms.