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Easy methods for treating dry, cracked and chapped lips

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One of the first things people noticed when they see you besides your eyes are your lips. Dry or chapped lips can be extremely irritating, painful and unattractive, especially when it comes to that embarrassing moment when they start to crack or even bleed. Some of us are constantly wondering why even though we carry chap sticks and lip balms as one of our daily necessities we still seem to have mild to severe chapped lips. The frustration can be overwhelming and even stressful at times.

There are several factors that may cause dry chapped lips including the weather, medications and even anemia, you should be aware of to prevent any more future humiliation, so you can get on the road to having soft moisturized lips. Note that having this problem can also be a sign of something more serious. If you feel you’re dry lips has developed into a more severe problem such as skin disorder, allergic reaction or side effects from medications then it’s time to consult with your doctor.

Are you lacking fluids?
Are you lacking fluids? getty images

Are you lacking fluids?

Cracked, dry and chapped lips can definitely be a major sign that your body may not be taking in enough fluids to function properly, also known as Dehydration. If you are not drinking water on a regular daily basis, now is the time to start. 

First, cut back on the alcohol, caffeine and sugary juices that increase dehydration. You should at least be drinking 8, 8oz glasses of water every day especially during meals. Also drink fluids and eat foods, fruits and veggies that are naturally high in water.

Not drinking enough fluids and maintaining the proper nutrition definitely shows in your outer appearance. Once you start to properly hydrate the inside of your body, you will begin to notice a natural pleasant change in your outer appearance. Nothing goes unnoticed so always remember that beauty starts from within.

Protect you lips
Protect you lips getty images

Protect you lips

There are simple ways you can protect your lips from cracking and drying out. When your lips are dry, most people tend to lick them thinking they have found the perfect cure. The problem with this method is that, this is only a temporary fix. Licking and biting your lips when dry and chapped is a huge mistake which actually irritates the skin once the saliva evaporates. Doing this only make your lips drier than before which may cause them to crack and bleed or turn ashy white.

Your lips are just as important as any other part of your body. So not only should you protect them by avoiding licking them, but protecting them from the weather as well, whether its summer or winter. Guard your lips from the sun by using balms with sunscreen in it and when it’s cold outside, make sure your lips are covered with a scarf to protect them.

Invest in your lips
Invest in your lips getty images

Invest in your lips

This is where you really need to invest in lip balm. Don’t rely on any kind of chap stick or lip balm you see on the shelves. Do your research and read the key ingredients and also talk to a Dermatologist for recommendations. You don’t want to waste your money but you do want to spend your hard earned money on lip balms that actually moisturize and protect your lips. Choose ointment based products with ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera. Buy a couple of moisturizers for your purse, car, nightstand and work station so you’ll never be without.

Stay away from lip balms or other cosmetics with alcohol in it. Alcohol naturally strips away moist. When purchasing your favorite lip gloss or lip sticks brands, go for the replenishing ones that hydrate and moisturizes. Those who have common colds or often breath threw the mouth will need to apply more lip moisturizer than usual.