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Easy Easter scrapbooking ideas

Easter scrapbooking is lots of fun
Easter scrapbooking is lots of fun
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While there are plenty of Easter-themed scrapbooking products available for purchase, you probably already have the necessary supplies for the fun and easy Easter scrapbooking ideas found in the list below.

Easter and the spring season provide great memories for scrapbooking. Be sure to have your camera ready for all the season has to offer, such as:

  • Family and friends dressed up in their Sunday best on Easter
  • A glimpse of a bright Easter egg as it sits in a hiding spot
  • Egg dying and other Easter crafts
  • Easter egg hunts and kids searching for eggs
  • Easter dinner with ham and all the fixings
  • Spring flowers in bloom
  • Beautiful green grasses and blossoming plant life
  • Spring cleaning
  • Baby animals
  • Active birds (that might be building nests)
  • Start of baseball season

Once you have captured these fond memories with photos, enjoy saving the memories in an Easter-themed scrapbook. To help celebrate the theme, the list below includes ideas for using photos to create Easter-themed patterns, how to use up some of your paper scraps for perfect Easter egg borders or embellishments, a simple grass border idea, a cute cotton ball bunny embellishment and poignant spring quotes for your journaling strips.

Use Easter items for backgrounds
Use Easter items for backgrounds Photo: jdurham (

Use Easter items for backgrounds

The colors of the season make for great backgrounds. Create colorful photos by taking close-up pictures of Easter-themed items, such as jelly beans, grass, dyed eggs or spring flowers. Use these images instead of patterned paper as backgrounds, borders or accents on your pages.

Paper scrap Easter eggs
Paper scrap Easter eggs Beth McMurray

Paper scrap Easter eggs

Many avid scrapbookers have lots of scraps of various papers leftover from other projects. An Easter-themed scrapbook is a great chance to do some spring cleaning by using up those scraps. Whatever scraps of paper you have, whether patterned or solid colored, use them to cut out Easter eggs. You can get a way with using many different paper types that might not usually go together because they’ll be unified by the common egg shape. These look great as borders or embellishments on your Easter scrapbooking pages.

Grass photo border
Grass photo border Beth McMurray

Grass photo border

Cut slits in a strip of green construction paper to look like grass. This makes a cute border for an image, especially if you have a nice photo of little ones searching outside for eggs.

Cotton ball bunny
Cotton ball bunny Beth McMurray

Cotton ball bunny

Who needs Easter stickers when you can decorate your scrapbook with a fluffy friend?

Press and pull a cotton ball to get the desired shape and puffiness or flatness. Cut a small circle out of cardboard or cardstock and glue the cotton ball to the circle. Glue eyes, whiskers and a nose (a hole-punched piece of cardstock makes a nice size) on to the cotton ball to mimic a bunny’s face. Glue on ears cut from cardstock. Use as an embellishment in your Easter scrapbook!

Quotes of spring
Quotes of spring Photo by Andreas Krappweis (

Quotes of spring

If you have spaces to fill in journaling strips, many eloquent words have been spoken about the beautiful season of spring. Here are some spring quote ideas for your Easter scrapbooking pages:

  • "The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other." ~Arthur Rubenstein
  • "The front door to springtime is a photographer's best friend." ~Terri Guillemets
  • "If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall." ~Nadine Stair
  • "The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring." ~Bern Williams
  • "I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees." ~Pablo Neruda
  • "Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems." ~Rainer Maria Rilke
  • "In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." ~Margaret Atwood
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