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Easy art projects for children to do at Easter

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Need more art in your homeschool days? Holidays offer a great opportunity to work on seasonal art projects with your children.

Even if you struggle to fit art into your everyday homeschool routine, you may want to carve out special times for it during holiday times. Not only will your family have fun with seasonal projects, but hanging the completed masterpieces around your home will give your living space a festive air.

Of course, it doesn't hurt if the projects are simple. The following art ideas require minimal supplies and little set-up or clean-up.

Unlike many craft projects, these art suggestions focus on the process of creating, rather than on finished results. Encourage your children to express themselves creatively as they decide where or how to add color or other elements to their design. Kids will enjoy experimenting with the materials and using them in creative ways. It's okay to give directions or suggestions, but don't let your idea of how the finished project should look overrule your child's creative license.

As your family prepares for Easter, festive art projects can cultivate a holiday spirit in your home. Below are three suggestions of fun and creative, yet simple, art ideas for kids of all ages (and parents, too).

Resist Easter Eggs
Resist Easter Eggs Meghan Ross

Resist Easter Eggs

For this resist project, print or draw an egg shape on a sheet of card stock. Lay strips of painter's tape across the egg to make a criss-cross design. Next, dip sidewalk chalk in water, then use the wet chalk to color the exposed paper. When the project dries, carefully remove the tape. Cut out the egg and mount it on construction paper if you wish.

Egg stamping
Egg stamping Meghan Ross

Egg stamping

Plastic egg halves make interesting stamps. Set out eggs in a variety of sizes and a few trays of washable paint. Show children how to dip the open ends of the eggs in the paint and stamp them on a sheet of paper. Of course, children may want to experiment with dipping the opposite end or sides of the eggs in paint, and that's okay too.

Stained glass cross
Stained glass cross Meghan Ross

Stained glass cross

Watercolors make a pretty piece of art that resembles stained glass. Draw or print a cross on a sheet of card stock. Use a black crayon and a ruler to make dark lines across the shape. Fill in the spaces between the lines with watercolor paints in various shades. It can be helpful to show children photos of stained glass windows, so they understand that each color section should be separated by a black line. When the painting is dry, cut it out. It can be mounted on black or colored paper.