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Easter brunch at home is flavorful with simple suggestions

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After the Easter bunny has left his baskets and the kids have hunted for eggs, the clock is ticking down to Easter brunch. While Easter Ham, potatoes and a baked egg dish are staples on the table, this year add bigger, bolder flavors to the table. From Big Fork Bacon Sausage to a dash of ToungueSpank Spice Company, your Easter brunch will creating food memories.

Big Fork Bacon Sausage
Big Fork Bacon Sausage Big Fork Bacon Sausage

Big Fork Bacon Sausage

Big Fork Bacon Sausage:

Everything is better with bacon, right? Big Fork Bacon Sausage is a Chicago based company that creates a delicious sausage that is just better with bacon. Each product is nitrate free, preservative free, hormone free, antibiotic fee, and all natural. With a variety of flavors, Big Fork Bacon Sausage can be the star of the brunch table, not the side-dish. Some recipe suggestions include add the Maple and Brown Sugar Bacon Sausage into your pancake batter for a sweet and savory pancake or create a simple hash with Black Peppercorn Bacon Sausage. Big Fork Bacon Sausage can be purchase in select stores and online at


Tonguespank Spice Company
Tonguespank Spice Company Tonguespank Spice Company

Tonguespank Spice Company

ToungueSpank Spice Company:

Do you like spice?  If your taste buds are craving a wake up call, TongueSpank is answering. TongueSpank is a seasoning blend that combine liquor and heat to create intense flavor combinations. With flavors like Smoky Bourbon, a few sprinkles in your hashbrowns makes them go from bland and boring to flavorful and exciting. Another option is to use the Garlic Grappa to make a compound butter for your flaky biscuit. TongueSpank is available online or in selection Chicago area stores.

Tovolo Perfect Poach
Tovolo Perfect Poach Tovolo

Tovolo Perfect Poach

Poached Egg, Perfect Poach by Tovolo:

For some, the poached egg is a dream. The bright, creamy yellow yolk that breaks from the delicate white shell brings joy. Unfortunately, cooking a perfectly poached egg can bring more frustration than success. With the Perfect Poach by Tovolo, a perfectly poached egg is just a few minutes away. This simple pouch creates a poached egg without the fear of breakage. Sold in packages of 10 for approximately $5, everyone can have a poached egg on their Eggs Benedict, on top of their salad, or in their pasta at the Easter brunch table.