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Earn the skill of floral design that can enhance the value of your life

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No matter for what kind of purpose you earn skills of floral arranging, for hobby or business, earning skill of floral design can enhance the value of your life. If you love flowers and have interest in floral arrangements, it is highly recommended to earn practical skills of floral designs. The most common way for earning the skill is taking lessons from a reliable instructor who is talented and well experienced.

Ideally the instructor from whom you are planning to learn flower arrangements should have plenty of experiences not only as a floral designer but also as a flower arranging instructor because even if she is a good floral designer, if she lacks ability of teaching to other people, students MAY face a difficult time for earning a good skill.

Once you have earned a practical skill of floral arranging, you have plenty of opportunities of making the best use of your skill such as enjoying decorating your home with floral arrangement that can be displayed on a dining table, console table in the foyer, cocktail table, in front of a fireplace, on the mantel over a fireplace OR hanging a wreath on the front door etc. etc.

In addition to making interior floral decorations, you can donate floral arrangements to the community you belong to, offering free seminar at a retirement home to teach floral arrangements, working as a volunteer floral designer at a church you go on Sunday, making a hand-made floral gift for your friend when invited to a birthday party etc. etc.

If you earned a higher level of floral design skills, you can work as a floral designer at a local floral shop as a full time employee or a part timer. If you are business savvy and want to start your own floral business, you COULD establish your own floral business such as offering wedding or funeral floral decorating services.

Those who have sufficient fund for starting up a new business can run their own floral shop. If you completed instructor course at a school, you can teach floral arrangements by offering your own classes. No matter in what kind of manner you engage in floral arrangement, for hobby or business, you MAY find a new world where you COULD make the best use of your skills and talent for making floral decorations.

For people who do not want to run even a little risk and want to concentrate on enjoying floral designs just for having a fun as a hobby, it is highly recommended to stay away from starting your own floral business by making investment for your own business.

Even if you stay away from doing your own floral business, you MAY find entirely different kind of life style which you have never experienced before earning a floral decorating skills. California Flower Art Academy is pleased to help you earn practical skills of floral designs from European arrangement to Japanese Ikebana, beginner to professional levels AND wedding to funeral decorations. If you have no experience at all in floral designs, you can start from Introductory Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact

Advanced Ikebana arrangement
Advanced Ikebana arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Advanced Ikebana arrangement

For those who want to learn a higher level of Ikebana arrangement, California Flower Art Academy is pleased to teach a sophisticated Ikebana arrangement as shown in the photo. California Flower Art Academy has been teaching a variety of floral designs from European arrangement to Japanese traditional Ikebana since 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ikebana arrangement
Ikebana arrangement Californa Flower Art Academy

Ikebana arrangement

Another type of Ikebana arrangement actually designed and made during a lesson at California Flower Art Academy. Ikebana often uses Suiban (a shallow type container) in which we place what is called Kenzan (frog: needlepoint holder to hold flowers) as shown in the picture.

Pomander California Flower Art Academy


This is a flower ball called pomander that is one of mandatory items for a bride at wedding. It is usually held by a bride to enhance the beauty of bride. Pomander is also known as a kissing ball. By way of inserting many of flowers into a round floral foam (in the form of a ball), pomander is made.

centerpiece decoration
centerpiece decoration California Flower Art Academy

centerpiece decoration

Example of table arrangement (centerpiece decoration) designed and arranged during a lesson of California Flower Art Academy. This type of floral arrangement can be displayed not only on the dining table but also on the console table etc. If you have a fireplace in your home, it MAY be a good idea to display it in front of a fireplace.

highly sophisticated floral arrangement
highly sophisticated floral arrangement California Flower Art Academy

highly sophisticated floral arrangement

Students who earned a very high level of skill can have an opportunity of learning this kind of high end floral decoration. If you are interested in learning a highly sophisticated flower arrangement, it is recommended to join Fresh Flower Arrangement Advanced Course offered by California Flower Art Academy.