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Do you know the art of shoveling snow?

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On Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, more snow fell on Chicago and Chicago-land. Of course, you can leave the snow on the ground until it melts, like in some vacant lots, but the acceptable procedure is to shovel this snow from streets, driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. There is an art for shoveling snow.

The acceptable, and least strenuous, art (skill) for shoveling snow is to bend your knees when you need to lift heavy or large, snow amounts. If the snow is fluffy, and you are shoveling sidewalks, you can usually scoop it, while in an upright position, into the surrounding grass. This will allow you to forego stoop work.

Photographers can become artful by exploring various formats to create snow shovel art. Nowadays, photography consists mainly of 2D, digital photos. This allows such artists to add special effects using digital filters.

Chicago, snow shovel art should contain Chicago scenes, Chicago people or Chicago objects. Snow should appear in the compositions. Snow shovels (not coal shovels, spades, hoes or pitchforks) should appear in the compositions. Such compositions should be artistic.

· Bring Snow Shovels for Baseball

· I Shovel Snow

· Little Late for a Snow Shovel

· Shadowy Shovel with Fire Hydrant

· Shoveling Chimney Snow

· Shoveling Snowmen

· Shovels Mosaic

· Shovel Swirl

· Shovel with Snowy Gate

· Snow Shovel Appearing

As far as I know, no major league, baseball teams have ever played when snow was falling. They certainly did not play with more than one inch of snow on the diamonds. Professional, football players are familiar with playing in the snow.

Capturing swirling snow on film or digitally creates dramatic photos that infer motion. However, swirling snow requires wind. If temperatures are cold enough for snow to fall, wind chills will be a significant factor.

Bring Snow Shovels for Baseball
Bring Snow Shovels for Baseball © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Bring Snow Shovels for Baseball

Although baseball is not a winter sport, you can shovel snow from Chicago, baseball diamonds to play. Doing so will probably get your team a place in the Guinness World Record book. (It is likely that pitchers', fast balls will not be very fast because of numb fingers.) 

I Shovel Snow
I Shovel Snow © 2014 Vernon Brookins

I Shovel Snow

A Chicago, independent contractor whose job is shoveling snow would probably like this artsy advertisement. Of course, as an advertisement, the business name, address and phone number would need to appear.

Little Late for a Snow Shovel
Little Late for a Snow Shovel © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Little Late for a Snow Shovel

The background photo is from Chicago's, huge, 1979 snowstorm. Most, if not all, areas had at least three feet of snow. Wind chills were at least -50 degrees F. As depicted, after this amount of snow fell, it was a little late to use one, snow shovel. To remove this snow required thousands of snow shovels, thousands of people and hundreds of snow plows.

Shadowy Shovel with Fire Hydrant
Shadowy Shovel with Fire Hydrant © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Shadowy Shovel with Fire Hydrant

Chicago's, fire hydrants rarely escape getting snow on themselves during snow storms. A snow shovel is not a good tool to remove snow off fire hydrants. If the snow is fluffy, brooms are good tools.

Shoveling Chimney Snow
Shoveling Chimney Snow © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Shoveling Chimney Snow

Instead of risking falls from rooftops, you can remove chimney snow by first taking a picture. Next, place the picture on a snow shovel. After viewing for about a minute, remove this chimney snow. 

Shoveling Snowmen
Shoveling Snowmen © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Shoveling Snowmen

It may be too traumatic to smash snowmen to bits with snow shovels. An option is to take a picture of snowmen (The snowmen in this picture are plastic ornaments in a Chicago parade.), and then place the picture on a snow shovel. Voila, you are shoveling snowmen! 

Shovels Mosaic
Shovels Mosaic © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Shovels Mosaic

In this mosaic that shows two, snow shovels, you can still discern these shovels' forms. This is Abstraction Style photography. This abstraction should not distract you from shoveling snow.  

Shovel Swirl
Shovel Swirl © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Shovel Swirl

In this special effects photo, the swirl may not be immediately obvious. The swirl is not in the snow; it is on the shovel. The snow is not swirling. Can you find the shovel swirl?

Shovel with Snowy Gate
Shovel with Snowy Gate © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Shovel with Snowy Gate

The yellow gate is a Chicago, park gate in closed position. In the down position, neither snow plows nor tow trucks can get past. However, people carrying snow shovels can get around this gate.

Snow Shovel Appearing
Snow Shovel Appearing © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Snow Shovel Appearing

This photo represents one, particular, snow shovel that slowly appears. During Chicago's, recent snowfall, some snow shovels slowly appeared because surely some Chicagoan's were reluctant to shovel snow. In addition, perhaps some hardware stores and home supply stores ran out of snow shovels. If so, snow shovels slowly appeared as these merchants replenished their stocks.


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