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Diners' Choice Awards: The best Chinese food in Vancouver

Best honey garlic spareribs
Best honey garlic spareribs
Chinese Restaurant Awards

It's no secret that Vancouver is known for its amazing Chinese food. For the past five years, the Chinese Restaurant Awards have recognized the best of the region's Chinese cuisine and provided a guide that helps Vancouver residents and visitors to navigate the many Chinese dining options.

“As the forerunner of promoting Chinese cuisine in Canada, we have dedicated ourselves in staying up to date with the industry, both at home and abroad,” said Craig Stowe, Chinese Restaurant Awards’
Founding Director. “We’ve been persistent at bringing the public a well rounded dinning guide that
highlights the crème de la crème."

The 2014 Diners' Choice Awards have now wrapped up, with more than 19,000 votes cast in 20 categories over four weeks. Here are the winners in some of the most popular categories. Next up, the Critics' Choice Awards, in which professionals cast their votes. Those results will be announced April 23.

In addition to the restaurants below, you might want to check out Peninsula Seafood Restaurant at Oakridge Centre, which won in two categories: Best Service and Best Fine Dining Restaurant.

Christina Newberry is a freelance writer based in Vancouver.

Best honey garlic spareribs
Best honey garlic spareribs Chinese Restaurant Awards

Best honey garlic spareribs

Bamboo Grove
6920 No. 3 Road
(604) 278-9585

Bamboo Grove is the oldest Chinese restaurant in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond. Did you know that honey garlic spareribs were actually created in Canada?

Best Taiwanese bubble tea
Best Taiwanese bubble tea Chinese Restaurant Awards

Best Taiwanese bubble tea

Dragon Ball Tea House
1007 W. King Edward Ave.
(604) 738-3198

This small cafe has a loyal local following thanks to its fresh fruit bubble teas.

Best egg tart
Best egg tart Chinese Restaurant Awards

Best egg tart

Lido Restaurant
#150-4231 Hazelbridge Way
(604) 231-0055

Egg tarts are delicious Hong Kong-style pastries that are the perfect end to any Chinese meal.

Best wonton noodles
Best wonton noodles Chinese Restaurant Awards

Best wonton noodles

Max Noodle House
#185-8291 Alexandra Road
(604) 231-8141

Wonton noodles have been a popular comfort food in Guangzhou since the late Qing Dynasty (1890s).

The awards presenters say, "Diners were impressed by the chef’s skill in balancing the combination of soup, noodles, and wonton all in one bowl."

Best Sichuan boiled beef
Best Sichuan boiled beef Chinese Restaurant Awards

Best Sichuan boiled beef

S&W Pepper House
#1812-4500 Kingsway
(604) 451-3916

Sichuan Boiled Beef, developed by the late master chef Fan Jian in the 1930s, is a challenging dish to recreate, with its thinly sliced beef poached in a spicy broth.

The chefs at S&W Pepper House don't mess around: This is a classic dish done in the classic style.

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