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Diapers, skin care, and solid foods for everyday baby care

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New moms and even moms who have not had an infant in the house for awhile have the need for new information about infant care. Workshops with the latest and greatest information for infant care are popular in many communities. Moms have the opportunity to meet other moms and share tips and problems that they have encountered. Workshops sponsored by professional caregivers for infants are a nice way to connect with others and learn new ways to care for your baby.

EVERYDAY BABY in Sarasota is an organization that sponsors informational workshops for moms with infants. The organization will sponsor three workshops in April with topics on infant care, ranging from diapers to introducing solid foods to your infants. EVERYDAY BABY is located at 329 Gillespie Ave. in Sarasota. Interested moms may register for the workshops as Listed by calling 941-953-2891, or by logging on at

Check out the List below for times and details about each workshop.

Solid foods for baby
Solid foods for baby dreamstime photos

Solid foods for baby

Everyday Baby will offer a workshop on introducing solid foods to your infant on April 17 at 7:00 p.m.  The one hour class will offer tips for moms with infants from 4-8 months when introducing solid foods.  A discussion about the nutritional benefits of solid foods for infants will be of interest.  Topics to be discussed will include the when, how, and if in introducing solids to your infant.  The "if" will be of interest if your baby has allergies.  Making your own baby food with solids will also be a pat of the workshop.  There is a $20 fee for this workshop.  You may register by calling 941-953-2891, or log on at

Baby skin care with oils
Baby skin care with oils dreamstime photos

Baby skin care with oils

Everyday Baby will offer a workshop on April 18 at 7:00 p.m. for moms who are interested in using the variety of oils that are available for infant skin care.  Oils keep your infant's skin free from germs and even aid in brain development.  Moms can learn the benefits of using oils to care for an infant's skin , and you might just replace all of the medicines in your medicine cabinet that you normally use to care for skin and minor skin scratches. This workshop is free, and you may register by calling 941-953-2891, or by logging on at

Not your grandma's diapers
Not your grandma's diapers dreamstime photos

Not your grandma's diapers

Diapers are an everyday essential for infants, and Everyday Baby will offer an informative workshop on April 26 at 11:00 a.m. for moms who would like new information about diapers for their infant. Many moms have returned to the practice of using cloth diapers, and this workshop will cover the how-to's for using cloth diapers.  Health and environmental issues of using cloth diapers will be a part of the discussion with other moms who are using cloth diapers.  Come and learn the many options, an receive a $10 credit in-store.  You may call 941-953-2891, or log on at for registration.