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Delicious smoothie: avocado chocolate

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Smoothies are all the rage. They won't be going out of style any time soon. If you haven't gotten on the band wagon you may as well join in. There is a smoothie recipe out there for everyone.

The reason smoothies have caught on and won't let go is because besides being super simple to make, they also can be packed full of nutrition. This is an easy, go-to meal in a glass that can become anything you want it to be for your health. For example, Throw spinach, protein, fruit and omegas, like flax seed, in a blender and you have the makings for a meal that is just as healthy (if not more) as anything you can cook in a pot or pan.

Raw ingredients are often best to get the most nutritional value out of your food. However, it is hard to eat the amount of raw food the regular way. By blending, you can pack a lot of vitamins and minerals in a glass. In just a few minutes you can drink your daily allotment of nutrition and feel great about doing something good for yourself.

The following are the steps to a quirky, healthy and surprising yummy combination that make joining the smoothie revolution a "no brainer". The Chocolate Avocado smoothie may sound sketchy upon first hearing, but believe it or not it is quite good. The avocado adds silky smoothness to the smoothie while adding a subtle creaminess to the flavor.

Check out the list below and see if it's not one of the most delicious smoothies you've ever tasted.

Almond Coconut
Almond Coconut Photo credit blue

Almond Coconut

Start with a hearty, tasty base for your smoothie. If you're a dairy person, milk will work just fine. However, the unique flavor of Almond Coconut milk to the smoothie is very luxurious. It gives it an unexpected taste that is well appreciated by smoothie regulars and it may just be the ingredient needed to convert the skeptics. Measure out a cup of milk pour into a clean blender. Prepare your remaining ingredients. Almond Coconut comes in sweetened on unsweetened. Which ever you choose is a matter of preference.  

Avocado Photo credit


The avocado is the subtle star of this smoothie. It adds smoothness, creaminess and an almost buttery flavor. To begin safely slice in half, de-seed and peel (it's easier in that order). Drop into the cup of coconut almond milk already waiting in the blender.
Chocolate flavored protein
Chocolate flavored protein Photo credit

Chocolate flavored protein

Good quality ingredients are a must! You cannot have a chocolate smoothie without a great chocolate protein. Pick whichever is your favorite dairy based or soy. Remember to use non- GMO if you use soy. Take a healthy scoop and dump it in on top of the avocado and milk.
(Optional) Peanut Butter
(Optional) Peanut Butter Photo credit

(Optional) Peanut Butter

Chocolate and peanut butter are old friends. They go really well together, therefore if you want to kick it up then add peanut butter. Remember, organic, non-GMO is always best.
(Optional) Sweetener
(Optional) Sweetener Photo credit

(Optional) Sweetener

Adding a sweetener is optional. Depending on the flavor of your milk product or the brand of protein you use these items may add just the right amount of sweetness to the blend. However, if you like your smoothies a little sweeter, Truvia or Stevia can be added. 

Note: there is a lot of controversy surrounding the safety of sweeteners of all kinds. High fructose corn syrup, Splenda, refined sugar, Sweet 'n Lo, Truvia and yes even Stevia have all had their opponents. Chemical composition, impact on blood sugar, damage to human organs are all a concern. With that said, your own research should be employed. Pick the one that best fits your lifestyle and health regimen.



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