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Cyrus Webb Presents...10 Cookbooks Every Home Should Have

The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook
Jackie Collins

With everyone today trying to make meals more and affordable, thankfully there are a variety of cookbooks on the market that are just right for any budget. Whether it be titles by celebrities like bestselling author Jackie Collins and actor Sean Kanan (best known as Deacon on the hit shows Young and the Restless) or individuals that are trying to give you great budgeting tips like Nisa Burns, Stephanie Bostic or Barbara Seelig-Brown, I have compiled a list that will not just make your own meals fun but give you some great ideas when it comes to entertaining others.

  1. The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook by Jackie Collins
  2. The Good. The Bad. The Cookbook. by Mario J. Porreca & Kirk Kolich
  3. A Reader's Cookbook by Judith Choate
  4. The Healthy Home Cookbook by Barbara Seelig Brown
  5. Hello Taste, Goodbye Guilt! by Mr. Food Test Kitchen
  6. One Bowl by Stephanie Bostic
  7. Kitchenability 101 by Nisa Burns
  8. The Modern Gentleman by Sean Kanan
  9. The Sexy Vegan's Happy Hour At Home by Brian L. Patton
  10. The Lazy Gourmet by Robin Donovan & Juliana Gallin
The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook
The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook Jackie Collins

The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook

Jackie Collins's newest book, THE LUCKY SANTANGELO COOKBOOK, is available now wherever books are sold.

The Healthy Home Cookbook
The Healthy Home Cookbook Barbara Seelig Brown

The Healthy Home Cookbook

This is a great book for those who are looking to not just cook great dishes but are concerned about family members with dietary restrictions. Barbara shows us that you don't have to sacrifice taste when it comes to healthy eating.

Hello Taste, Goodbye Guilt!
Hello Taste, Goodbye Guilt! Mr. Food Test Kitchen

Hello Taste, Goodbye Guilt!

This is another great title that allow you to get over 150 healthy and diabetic-friendly dishes for your home, regardless of what your taste buds are calling for. Mr. Food Test Kitchen is known for bringing the best out of recipes, and this one definitely is no different.

Kitchenability 101
Kitchenability 101 Nisa Burns

Kitchenability 101

I love this book because it is perfect for not just college students who might not have the time or patience to cook a lot but who also may not be cooking for anyone other than their roommate or themselves. Fun and easy to use for sure.