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Curator's dream: Padilla and De Jesus

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Imagine two artists who were born in Puerto Rico and are now successful here in the mainland USA. I met them by accident in life. My daughter knew Veronica De Jesus as an artist in San Francisco. I know Javier Padilla from his work in Northern Virginia. Art is a product of culture. Culture is a product of life’s experiences.

Veronica became an art Professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Javier, a scientist by education, has always been an artist at heart, and emerged in Puerto Rico and reemerged in Virginia. They are vastly different except they share common cultural roots that somehow manifest in their work.

It is intensensity. It is graphic. It contains storytelling. Their work speaks like Diego and Frida, but they are not at all Diego and Frida. The only things in common is Latino heritage and the capacity to translate from common things to splendid interpretations.

So, I wonder, what would how would that show appear? The transformation from Puerto Rico to Americana? Behold, let their paintings tell their story.

List of "Uncommon works: De Jesus and Padilla"

As a curator, I like to begin by seeing the artists in their environment. Art is an artifact, a happenstance from people being artists.

1. Who is Javier Padilla?

2. Who is Veronica De Jesus?

3. Veronica De Jesus (art sample)

4. Veronica De Jesus (art sample)

5. Javier Padilla (art sample)

6. Javier Padilla (art sample)

De Jesus & Padilla
De Jesus & Padilla James George

De Jesus & Padilla

Javier Padilla is a trained biologist and scientist by trade whose passion and soul for painting and art has refocused his dedication. He lives and works in Northern Virginia where is prolific.

Veronica De Jesus Art
Veronica De Jesus Art Veronica De Jesus

Veronica De Jesus Art

Veronica's work often tells stories, individually and collectively. Her art is living and breathing her life'e experiences past, present, imaginary and future. She works in Northern California.

Veronica De Jesus Art example
Veronica De Jesus Art example Veronica De Jesus

Veronica De Jesus Art example

Her work is stylized and recognizable. Her people images are one type, and her design elements are another. Each type of art contains core elements that come from the same brain and skill set.

Javier Padilla art example
Javier Padilla art example Javier Padilla

Javier Padilla art example

Javier Padilla's inspirations may be found from objects washed up on the beach, or they may come from nature. They are often inspired by life'e experience where he and Veronica have some shared experiences in Puerto Rico.

Javier Padilla, repurposing
Javier Padilla, repurposing Javier Padilla

Javier Padilla, repurposing

Javier is hip and a leader in charting the visual course in contemporary art. He influences and shares his ideas with fellow artists, some of which are in the Bunnyman Bridge Collective with him.

Veronica De Jesus, artist and professor
Veronica De Jesus, artist and professor Veronica De Jesus

Veronica De Jesus, artist and professor

Veronica De Jesus developed from being an artist graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute to becoming an art professor at University of California at Berkeley where she gave a commencement address. See the video.