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Creamy, Crunchy, Spicy, Sweet - Super Bowl Snacks for Every Fan

Ideas for Game Day Crowd-pleaser appetizers and snacks
Ideas for Game Day Crowd-pleaser appetizers and snacks

Super Bowl XLVIII is only days away! The Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos at 6:30pm on February 2. But no matter who is playing, we all know that everyone really comes to the party for the food! Here are some ideas for game day appetizers that will satisfy every craving, no matter whose team colors you're sporting.



Whether it's Christmas, a tailgate, or the 4th of July, cheeseballs are always a hit. This recipe comes from my aunt, and every time she makes it, I can't get enough. I have one bite, and before I know it, most of the cheeseball is gone, and I've eaten a whole sleeve of crackers. It's especially good with a hearty cracker like a Triscuit, or something buttery like Town House originals.

To make this cheeseball, you'll need:

8oz cream cheese, softened

8oz shredded cheddar cheese

1/4 cup chopped celery

1/8 cup chopped onion

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp lemon juice

1 T water

Combine all the ingredients and roll in nuts (or don't if you prefer no nuts - just as good either way!)

Snack Mix
Snack Mix

Snack Mix

No snack is more customizable than a blend of all your favorites in a giant bowl. Snack mixes can be salty, spicy, sweet, or even a combination of all of the above. Get creative with your mix this Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

My favorite Mega mix: Dark chocolate M&Ms, dried cherries, peanuts, cashews, and peanut butter filled pretzels. Sweet and salty perfection!

Have a favorite snack food? Love spicy cheetos? Try a cheesy mix with Cheez-its and other favorites. Add some dried apples to your spicy or cheesy concoctions to balance out the flavors.

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings Rockaway PR

Chicken Wings

No Super Bowl party is complete without the appearance (and subsequent disappearance) of Chicken Wings.

There are thousands of recipes for this game day staple. Some of the best can be found on

For those looking to set their wings apart from all the rest, John Rivers of 4 Rivers Smokehouse is sharing his smoked wing recipe.

Rivers says, "The biggest difference between these wings and traditional fried wings is that the smoke and the rub drive the flavor, rather than dependong on the sauce."

Recipe makes 2 dozen wings

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup chili powder

1/2 cup 4R All-Purpose Rub

24 whole chicken wings, cut into drumettte and wingette pieces

1 cup BBQ sauce

Light a smoker using hickory wood and allow the temperature to settle at 305 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine sugar, chili powder, and 4R All-Purpose Rub in a large bowl. Sprinkle over wings to thoroughly coat. Smoke at 305 degrees for 45 minutes. Just before serving, light a gas grill and heat to medium high. Toss wings in BBQ sauce and "flash" on grill to allow sauce to caramelize, 3 miutes on each side. Flip only once. Serve hot with ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce.

Cake! Rockaway PR


Everyone loves cake! To celebrate the big game, The Sweet Shop at 4Rivers Smokehouse is offering some special game day cakes and cupcakes. Available January 30-February 1, game day cupcakes with a chocolate football on top will be available for $3.50 each. Red Velvet Cake with batter dyed to match your favorite team's colors. Individual slices are $4.75, or have your cake and eat it too with a whole cake for $39.99. Saturday only, Feb 1, mini cupcakes in team colors will be available for $12 per dozen.