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Craig Taylor-Kissimmee, Fla., man murdered at gay bar in Cancun Mexico

Craig Taylor: Kissimmee, Florida
Craig Taylor: Kissimmee, Florida

Craig Taylor Kissimmee, Fla., American Dead In Mexico case: WTSP10 News is reporting today that an African-American man was found dead in Mexico after visiting a gay bar in Cancun. Officials say Craig Taylor, 22, visited 11:11 Club in Cancun, a gay bar that caters to Mexican locals and internationals. Officials say he was strangled to death after getting involved in a dispute over his bar bill. Five people have been arrested in connection with his death.

2014: Craig Taylor Timeline

Friday, February 28

Craig Taylor of Kissimmee, Fla., arrives in Mexico, along with his brother Clyde and some other friends. They secure a hotel room at Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort, according to The group has plans to attend a gay club in Cancun.

Saturday, March 1

Craig Taylor and his group arrive at the 11:11 Club-Cancun, where they dance and have drinks. Craig Taylor complains to Mexican employees that his bill is too high. He also tells bar employees that the waitress has stolen his credit card. Witnesses say that's when an altercation ensued between Craig Taylor and some male employees.

Craig Taylor's brother and two other friends escape the club.

Craig Taylor is thrown out of the club after the altercation and is separated from his group.

Sunday, March 2

Craig Taylor's dead body is found in some bushes along Punta Sam highway in Cancun.

An examination of his body confirms that he was murdered by strangulation.

Monday, March 3

Employees of Bar 11:11 aka 11:11 Club-Cancun were arrested in connection with the murder of the Black-American tourist.

Javier Pérez Solís, Noel Vargas 'Lilo' Gómez, Juan Antonio 'Tony' Quiroz Ortiz, Walter Berner Barrios Roca and Jesús Adolfo Alvarez Ruiz have been arrested.

Family members of the detained told police that Craig Taylor left the club and was later seen at Sexy's Club several hours later.

Claudia Leticia López Castro is the owner of the club located on the corner of Tulum Avenue on Claveles Street. (Avenida Tulum, Esq Claveles)

Malcolm X's grandson Malcolm Shabazz was also murdered over a bar bill dispute earlier this year at a club in Mexico.

Today's Update

Thursday, March 6

Craig Taylor's body is still in Mexico. His family is trying to raise enough money to have him transported home. Donations can be made at

Anyone with more information on the case, please send me an email above.

Craig Taylor: Kissimmee, Florida
Craig Taylor: Kissimmee, Florida Facebook

Craig Taylor: Kissimmee, Florida

Here is a photo of Craig Taylor, the American who ended up dead while on spring break in Mexico. Craig Taylor and his friends went to the location to have a good time but Taylor ended up dead on the side of a lonely Mexican road in Cancun.

Craig Taylor: Dead in Mexico
Craig Taylor: Dead in Mexico

Craig Taylor: Dead in Mexico

In this photo provided by, 22-year-old Craig Taylor is found dead the next morning after attending a gay bar in Cancun. Five people have been arrested in connection with his murder.

11:11 Club: Cancun, Mexico
11:11 Club: Cancun, Mexico Facebook

11:11 Club: Cancun, Mexico

Craig Taylor visited this club in Mexico, a place that is popular with the locals as well as American tourists. 11:11 Club aka Bar 11:11 is considered the best gay adult entertainment bar in the Mexican Caribbean, according to their Facebook page.

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