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Compost: Black gold to a gardener, just do it!

Fresh dirt and compost can rejuvenate old soil, for more robust plants

It's not viewed as glamorous; saving your organic garbage, and maybe even some think it's 'bad', as a nasty way to attract critters! But saving your coffee grounds, egg shells and left over veggie scraps, is the way to healthier soil.

It's big business, making soil, and if you can improve yours for free, with your scraps and coffee grounds...well why not?

Not a coffee drinker, ask a neighbor for theirs, a restaurant; or use tea bags?

A bucket or pail works nicely as a receptacle (preferable with a lid), and a spot away from the path of activity, for your collection spot, is a good idea. If you have lawn refuse, (grass clippings and leaves) wonderful..add them! Citrus peels will draw butterflies and bees, but have no fear, they will focus on the fruit scraps. A viewing vantage point, indoors, may give hours of nature observations; as the cycle of life goes on in your yard!

It doesn't take long to break down and return to a soil consistency...and a science project! Kids will love finding worms and creatures, that both benefit and help create, the new soil. Birds and squirrels will also enjoy the free banquet, and will not hurt the process one bit.

If your not a gardener, this can also become a worm bed, for a fishing hobbyist, or a place to feed the birds, or just a recycling project; reducing your carbon foot print. Shredded paper, cardboard, and junk mail will all break down, if you decide to really throw your heart & spirit into it!

As the pile accumulates, dig out the bottom layers that have turned to soil. Some instructions say to turn the pile occasionally and maybe water it, but for the most part you just keep adding to it! and subsequently...use it! You will love the results so much; you'll be looking for other stuff to compost!

Talerico's Nursery
Talerico's Nursery LDG

Talerico's Nursery

Formerly Parker's Greenhouse, Talerico's Nursery is clean and fresh with new plants and new structures.

Passionate about everything "gardening", the importance of good soil composition is obviously in practice.

You don't need elaborate devises of a big nursery to enjoy the benefits of composting in your own backyard.

Chickens and composting!
Chickens and composting! LDG

Chickens and composting!

Chickens love compost piles and will turn it for you with out even being asked!

They eat all bugs and worms and larvae and spiders! They will eat some scraps and deposit some organic matter of their own!

Also fun to watch, chickens and organic gardening are completely's all based on commitment and space; do you have them?

Healthy plants look vigorous
Healthy plants look vigorous LDG & Talerico's Nursery

Healthy plants look vigorous

Healthy plants and flowers look it! The stems and flowers are strong and upright, flowers look beautiful and leaves glow with health.

Don't pay full price for stressed plants that have water damage, either too little or too much.

Old perennials
Old perennials LDG

Old perennials

Obviously stressed, these spring perennials could use some TLC!

Poor soil, no shade, and lack of water have these poor things barely hanging on!

Located on a street median, there's little help in their future; unless they get some shade, some water, and some fresh mulch...or a combination of all three.

Tulips need TLC
Tulips need TLC LDG

Tulips need TLC

Perennials are incredibly easy to grow, but after years of multiplying, they need to be divided and transplanted.

It's a gentle process, digging them up and gently dividing the clumps of bulbs, tubers, or rhizomes; but TLC will be rewarded with fresh growth and vigorous blooming.

Healthy plants
Healthy plants LDG & Talerico's Nursery

Healthy plants

Check the soil; is the plant root bound already, with no soil left to grow in (transplanting immediately required), or does it look dry and hard? Not a good potting mix.

Look for dirt that is moist but not too wet or bone dry. The soil should smell earthy and rich, with room for additional root growth, or plan on transplanting asap.

Begonias LDG & Talerico's Nursery


Research the right plant for the right place. Watering may be needed to keep the plant at it's most beautiful; maybe a drought tolerant choice would work better? Will you be home to water it? Do you want the water usage or would a 'less watering' choice work better?

Composting and mulching could be an answer to amend soils and situations where bad choices were made.