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Coffee filter butterfly craft

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For springtime fun try different arts and crafts, it is ideal for young children. Let your child's creativity shine through with the Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft. Butterflies are prevalent during Spring, this craft is classic and cute, a perfect activity for young children during this time of year. You can use these butterflies to decorate the classroom of your home for a fun and whimsical springtime decor.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

What you'll need:

  • Coffee Filter (the basket kind rather than the kind that is v-shaped)
  • Clothespin
  • Small googly eyes
  • White glue
  • Markers
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
Step 1
Step 1 Photo:

Step 1

1. Hold the clothespin with the grippy end (the part that would hold your clothes) facing up. This end is where you will start the decorating process.

Step 2
Step 2 Photo:

Step 2

2. Glue the two googly eyes to the grippy end (the part that would hold your clothes) of the clothespin as shown. Draw a mouth on using a marker. Set this aside to dry.

Step 3
Step 3 Photo:

Step 3

3. Let your child decorate the coffee filter however they would like. Dots, designs, completely colored, etc. Point out that the longer the marker touches the filter the farther it will spread.

Step 4
Step 4 Photo:

Step 4

4. Once the coffee filter is completely dry, start at one end and fold it accordion style (zig-zag folds with 6 or more panels and two or more parallel folds).

Step 5
Step 5 Photo:

Step 5

5. Pinch the coffee filter in the middle so that it bunches up there a bit, and put this area in the grippy part of the clothespin. You can adjust the wings as needed.

Step 6
Step 6 Photo:

Step 6

6. Cut the pipe cleaner so it isn’t too long, about and 1 1/2 " a piece, bend it into a v-shape and then clip it in with the wings.