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Classy woman’s list of the top 10 fashion essentials

Trench Coat
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Classy woman’s wardrobe list for the top ten fashion essentials that stand the test of time so, let’s get started.

1. Suit jacket: Tailoring is important. Buy flattering styles for your body shape. Best colors are navy, black and grey for winter, and beige, and white for summer. Best fabrics are wool and wool blends for winter, (It’s okay if the fabric has a little stretch) and cotton, and linen for summer.

Note worth taking about the sketch in fabric, (Elasticity) does wear out over time, so I recommend saving your hard earned dollars to spring for a timeless style and fabric.

Trust me it’s worth having a closet of hand selected quality essentials rather than a closet full of clothes that fall apart in two months.

2. Matching suit skirt: Pencil skirts and A-line styles are wonderful style choices make sure you don’t show too much leg. A good tailor can assist in finding a flattering skirt leg length and hem it accordingly. Know which styles work for your body shape.

Precisely match the color and fabric of the jacket. Best locations to buy classy fashion essentials are Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, H&M and sometimes Macy’s and Nordstrom. Also, Pendleton Wool’s Portland Collection is a trendy traditional style worth the price you pay.

Macy’s and Nordstrom definitely have plenty of shoes and handbags to choose from so when you arrive at this point in the list to shop for footwear items check them out.

3. Blouse with a shirt collar, preferably no front pockets in silk and/or cotton. White is best as a first choice and then you can add other colors like French blue, powder pink or jet black.

Color test against your skin tone and complexion. Why? Because enhancements to your appearance means looking at the details of whether the color casts a shadow on your face or brings out your brilliance. This is not a detail to be overlooked.

4. Shift dress that fits and flatters your body shape. I recommend you perfectly match this dress with suit jacket. Why? Because there will be times when you will want to wear them together. Classy women have a basic wardrobe of fashion essentials that wear well together. Once you have a classy wardrobe then you can add trendy clothes to your heart’s content.

5. Cardigan sweater set: Colors that add definition and personality are red, green, and yellow. Of course, it’s appropriate to have on hand your basic navy and black cardigan set as well. Cashmere, merino wool and cotton fabrics are excellent choices.

6. Dark denim: Fit and fabric are most important when selecting a great classy pair of jeans. Denim can be pricey so I recommend not going for the torn and tattered looks. In time if your jeans are denim worthy they will wear out in perfect form.

7. Shoes (Pumps, ballet flats and ankle boots) and a quality made handbag that matches footwear. I know matching shoes and handbag is an old school recommendation however, I am discussing a classy woman’s fashion essentials not trendy traditional.

8. Hat and gloves work well with everything in basic colors like black, navy, emerald green and ruby red.

9. Silk scarf, white pearls (Long and short strand) and matching pearl earrings.

10. Trench coat in beige, navy or black.

There you have it the ten basic fashion essentials for the very classy and chic woman inside all of us.

Trench Coat
Trench Coat Getty Images

Trench Coat

Actress Katie Homes in a classic trench on her way to the 'David Letterman Show' in New York City. Katie adds a pop of color in her vibrant pink dress.

Retro 50s sweater and A-line skirt
Retro 50s sweater and A-line skirt Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images

Retro 50s sweater and A-line skirt

Actress Katie Holmes dressed in her trendy 50s retro look of a classic v-neck sweater and A-line skirt. The fresh flower print on the silk skirt and the vibrant green color on the cashmere sweater is ultra-sophisticated.

Katie Holmes at the PUNK Chaos to Couture Met Gala 2013
Katie Holmes at the PUNK Chaos to Couture Met Gala 2013 Andrew H. Walker Getty Images

Katie Holmes at the PUNK Chaos to Couture Met Gala 2013

Actress Katie Holmes is elegant and so classy in her flowing white chiffon gown on the red carpet in New York City. Katie is looking good at the Met Gala 2013.

Katie Holmes and Allison Pataki
Katie Holmes and Allison Pataki Donald Bowers/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company

Katie Holmes and Allison Pataki

Katie Holmes and Allison Pataki attend Allison Pataki Book Lunch For 'The Traitor's Wife' Hosted By Harvey Weinstein At The Modern at The Modern on March 21, 2014 in New York City.

White sun dress
White sun dress Stephen Lovekin Getty Images

White sun dress

Actress Katie Holmes is celebrating at a fun in the sun beach party in her hot white sun dress and sunglasses. Katie's gladiator buckle sandals with quilted clutch set the stylish tone for the sexy summer sweetheart Katie Holmes.

Katie Holmes and Minnie
Katie Holmes and Minnie David Roark for Disney Parks via Getty Images

Katie Holmes and Minnie

Katie Holmes poses with Minnie Mouse in the New York Street area of Disney's Hollywood Studios on March 16, 2014 at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.