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Classic games to play on family night

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In some families, family night means pizza and a movie. Other families enjoy playing games together on family night. Board games are a great way to spend family time together while teaching kids important lessons.

Whether you pull a favorite game from your game shelf or visit Walmart or Toys R Us to pick up a new game, here are some of the lessons your kids can learn while enjoying family fun playing board games together.

Board games teach kids to follow rules. Read the rules of the game aloud before you start playing, even if you've played the game already. Ask if your kids have any questions before you start the game.

Kids learn to take turns while playing board games. Begin with the youngest member of your family and go around the board clockwise. Let your kids take control of keeping up with turns by remembering who to follow.

Board games teach kids how to be good losers and good winners. Although parents are often tempted to let their child win when playing board games, you may create a poor loser by rigging the game in your child's favor. Whoever wins or loses, remind your child that games are a way to have fun together.

Kids learn colors, shapes, counting and matching when playing board games. Preschool games often involve shapes, colors, counting and matching pieces. Help your child by counting aloud while moving the marker along the game board.

Board games teach kids how to count money. Let your child be the banker when playing games like Monopoly. Your child will learn to count money and make change.

Kids learn strategy while playing board games. Playing games like Monopoly and Chess help your child learn to think ahead and plan their moves. Talk about why you made a specific move and different strategies to use during the game.

Board games teach kids memory skills. Games like Concentration and other memory games challenge kids to remember where the matching card is located.

Chutes and Ladders is a great board game to play with preschool kids. Spin the spinner and count the number of spaces to move on the board.

Here are some other board games to enjoy as a family on your next family night. Make playing games fun by taking turns, following rules and being good sports and your kids will love game night.

Candy Land
Candy Land Sandy Wallace

Candy Land

Candy Land is an easy game to play with kids of all ages. Draw a card and move to the color shown on the card. If there are two color blocks, move to the second space of that color. There are also picture cards which transport you to the space matching the picture.

Go Fish
Go Fish Sandy Wallace

Go Fish

Your preschooler can learn to match items playing card games like Go Fish. Oversize cards are easier for little hands to hold. It may be hard for your child to hold all of the cards at one time. Each adult can help a child or set up barriers and put cards face-up on the table.

Operation Sandy Wallace


Operation is a great game to help kids with fine motor skills. Enjoy playing doctor together as you try to remove objects from the patient. Be careful not to touch the metal sides or the buzzer will sound and the patient's nose will light up.

Dominoes Sandy Wallace


Dominoes is a fun family game for all ages. Each flat domino is divided into two halves with numbers, dots or a blank on each half. Match the numbers as you connect the dominoes. The first person to run out of dominoes wins the game.

Monopoly Sandy Wallace


Monopoly is a classic family board game. If your kids can't read or count, play as a team game. Let an older child be the banker to learn money counting skills.

Scrabble Sandy Wallace


The Scrabble box states the game is for ages 8 and older. However, younger kids can team up with a parent to play. Scrabble Junior is even easier for younger kids, with words kids can match on one side of the board.

Chess Sandy Wallace


Chess is a classic strategy game played with two people. Your 6-year-old is old enough to learn how to play Chess. Older kids can learn to think a few moves ahead.



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