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Celebrity rides: Hottest celebrity cars include Ferrari, Rolls Royce, McLaren

Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian have been spotted driving white Ferraris.
Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian have been spotted driving white Ferraris.
Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

What are some of the hottest celebrity rides on the planet? Exotic cars, luxury cars, and collectible vintage automobiles like Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and McLaren of course. With celebrities like David Beckham, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles, Kim Kardashian, and Matt Damon all keeping expensive automobile brand names circulating in the daily news, how can luxe auto sports car manufacturers complain? As expected, exotic cars, cool cars, luxury cars and sports cars are all highly coveted by star celebs -- with more contemporary green exotic cars also landing a preferred spot on the list of vehicles coveted by stars who collect them. Bespoke automobile designers and big dollar brand names' CEOs are undoubtedly delighted to have the free advertising bumps for their marquee that comes along for the ride with celebrity fame. Keep reading here and you might be surprised to learn which TV star drives a Mercedes McLaren, who prefers a classic car, which famous actor prefers to drive German automobiles, and check out the reality television star who has earned so much money that they were able to purchase one of the most expensive Ferraris in production today.

Kim Kardashian drives a Ferrari

Everything seems to be going all white financially for reality television star Kim Kardashian. The sexy looking star celeb with the famous derriere was recently spotted driving a white Ferrari 458 Italia in her home state of California.

Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles drive a Rolls Royce

Rapper Jay Z and his wife Beyonce Knowles are known for taking road trips on occasion in their vintage Rolls. The Rolls Royce they drive is a convertible and as a classic car is highly sought after by collectors.

David Beckham drives a Rolls Royce

Soccer star celebrity athlete turned underwear model David Beckham married "Posh Spice" Victoria Beckham for a reason. That man has got amazing taste! Check out what seems to be one of his favorite celebrity rides -- a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. He is spotted regularly driving their children in one. Perfect for the California sunshine, the luxury exotic makes the perfect celebrity sleigh.

Jay Leno drives a Mercedes McLaren

Jay Leno is an avid car collector but his usual ride is actually a $500,000 Mercedes SLR McLaren. But word on the street is he just purchased a McLaren P1 for a whopping $1.2M in 2014 -- a car he was allegedly spotted test driving enthusiastically before he bought it.

Jerry Seinfeld drives a Porsche

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld drives a Porsche. Yes, we know -- resist the urge to make big car payment and over-compensation jokes about the little sportscar he paid big money for... and embrace the thought that his 911 is a rare, collectible, investment grade automobile. His favorite sports car was recently damaged in a fender bender that is sure to have depleted the particular model's value. However, as far as cool cars go, Porsche enthusiasts who are in the know say his still is truly a remarkable celebrity ride. No joke.

Matt Damon drives a Tesla

Green celebrity Matt Damon was delighted to be named one of the first star celebs to own a Tesla Roadster. Currently on a production hold, the hot little sports car that boast an electric engine is modeled after a Lotus.

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