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Cats considered to be hypoallergenic, a list of possibilities may await you

Devon Rex in foul mood
Devon Rex in foul mood
flickr by glenngould

Hypoallergenic is defined by as designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response, as by containing relatively few or no potentially irritating substances.

That is in the case such as jewelry. In cats it would be similar as little or none of the dander, saliva issues that are known to cause allergies. The cats in the following list while basically all alike in various forms of being hypoallergenic, some may still cause more problems than others.

The best thing to do would, if you would like one of these animals, is try spending time at the location the animal resides where it's allergens would be the most pronounced. Many people with severe allergies cannot spend any length of time in a place where there is heavy cat traffic.

If that doesn't cause a reaction, then it is a good time to try handling the cat to see if that brings any physical reactions, such as swelling eyes or throat, hives or any abnormal swelling. Bring a dose of antihistamine such as Benadryl with you for this test. Try it over a period of time as the reaction can become more severe with exposure.

If all goes well at this point and you feel confident the pet isn't causing any reaction, the by all means add that loving new member to the family. If there is any sign of reaction, it's not worth developing the attachment then have to re-home the animal. Think carefully in this matter.

The best of luck of finally being able to have your dream cat. See the pictures for information on each of the cats considered "hypoallergenic". While the pictures and descriptions of the cats in the list are standard, each individual has it's own unique qualities and mannerism. Keep that in mind as you search for your perfect one.


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Balinese Cat
Balinese Cat flickr by KristinNador

Balinese Cat

This breeds saliva has less of the protein which is believed to cause allergic reactions in many people. It also is one longhair cat that has minimal or no shedding.

Its lifespan averages 18-22 years.

The Balinese has an innate ability to sense the moods of the people around it, sticking close by and sharing its affection when they feel blue.

Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat flickr by roberto shabs

Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is a beauty, with a lush, dense and wonderfully soft coat. It has
distinctive leopard design spots.

Its fur sometimes has a trait referred to as
glittering which the coat appears to have been dusted with pearl or gold.

This is a medium to large sized cat with a muscular, athletic body which gives it the stealth and grace of a jungle cat.

The Bengal is a high energy feline who is affectionate, but not a lap cat. Allow plenty of play time.

Burmese Cat
Burmese Cat flickr by suetupling

Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat is very people oriented as seen in their almost dog like tendency to follow their family around. They are an extremely affectionate breed.

An intelligent cat they adapt well to most environments. Equally comfortable at home or the office.

There are behavioral differences between the male and female of the breed. The females are more curios and emotionally attached to their owners. The male of the breed is much quieter.

Cornish Rex
Cornish Rex flickr by PJLewis

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex has striking looks. Upon first view it looks like a mix of the Egyptian statues of Bastet ( states, “Bastet was the goddess of fire, cats, of the home and pregnant women….) and an alien.

In addition to the striking appearance of this cat, it has soft, wavy hair. The size of the cat runs from small to medium. The coat sheds less to other cats and due to this is considered hypoallergenic. It comes in many colors.

This is an affectionate, attention seeking cat, so it’s not for those away from home often. It tends to become naughty and mischievous when it is lonely and bored.

At dinner time this breed may ask to join you, sharing dinner from your plate. Its agility allows it to jump to the top of cupboard or high shelves.

This cat carries its kittenish nature into old age and loves to play fetch over and over and over.

It is not for someone looking for a quiet ornamental cat with its desire to interact with people and craving constant companionship.

Devon Rex
Devon Rex flicker by Kieran (AU)

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex would love to make its home in your heart and your arms. While affectionate and loving when their family is around they are independent enough to stay out of trouble when alone.

This cat sheds very little allowing it to be on the hypoallergenic list. Some of its coat is a bit wiry, which can break and cause temporary spots of baldness.

It’s appearance is often described as pixie or alien looking due to its large eyes and ears. This cat is medium sized while compact, slender and muscular.

The breeds people centered, outgoing personality may have you spending much more time with them then you planned.

With the thinness of hair, they have a need for extra warmth. The cat can be found purring on top of warm electronics and appliances, snuggling on your lap or under your chin. At night may even snuggle under the covers.

If looking for a unique, warm and loving companion, take a look at the Devon Rex.

Javanese Cat
Javanese Cat Stanjely from wiki

Javanese Cat

The Javanese cat came into existence from a cross between a Balinese and a Colorpoint Shorthair. This cat is considered a longhair version of the colorpoint. Both are considered hybrids.

The soft lines of its long fur masks the muscular body beneath. To keep the slim lines, this cat needs to exercise regularly due to its more than hearty appetite.

The Javanese cat enjoys its human family. It can be found following family members around the house.

A highly intelligent cat it seems to understand when spoken to and will look the person in the eye. They love to express themselves and are quick to complain if something is not right.

This is a happy go lucky sort of cat. If it’s what you're looking for check it out.

Ocicat flickr by Circe's Wisdom


This cat is similar to the Ocelot, a big cat in the wild. It has a strong, athletic build with a short spotted coat. Usually a large cat, it can also be medium size.

Approved colors for the breed are: tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lavender, fawn, silver, chocolate silver, cinnamon silver, blue silver, lavender silver, and fawn silver.

While it may look wild, this cat is warm and affectionate. Another intelligent feline, it can learn its own name and to come. Some compare their behavior to that of dogs.

These are a good family cat. Adopt one today.

Siberian Cat
Siberian Cat by Mstachul from wiki

Siberian Cat

The hypoallergenic quality of the Siberian Cat has circulated through breeders and owners for many years. Very little scientific evidence proves that the hypoallergenic cat exists, but owners claim this pet can be a safe choice for many allergy sufferers.

The females produce lower levels of the allergens which cause allergic reaction, so a female is usually recommended.

The Siberian is an affectionate cat who loves people and wants to be near them.

When you arrive home and it sits in your lap, it’s happy to tell you about its day in quiet, pleasant tones, meows and purrs

This feline is a gracious host, not a typical shy cat with strangers. The Siberian loves playing games so teaching tricks is a good way to challenge this cat and keep it happy.

The Siberian has the potential to be a therapy cat based on its caring nature and willingness to snuggle when you are down or sick. Even though an attention loving cat, it’s not needy and willing to wait until you are ready to pay attention.

Russian Blue
Russian Blue flickr by Nickolas Titkov

Russian Blue

The Russian blue is a medium size, muscular cat. It appears larger then it actually is due to its coat. This is a double coat which is dense, silky, and plush.

The hair of the coat stands out at an angle, which allows you to trace patterns into it, where they stay until you smooth the over.

It is thought that the Russian Blue was at one time hunted for their coat, which was compared to the luxurious fur of seals

This is a well behaved and elegant cat, with the Mona Lisa smile. It enjoys a good game of fetch or chasing sunbeams. It appears as though its feelings are hurt if it thinks it’s being ignored.

Care must be taken that this cat does not overeat. It will go well beyond what is needed and could cause weight issues. All food should be measured and provided as per veterinarian orders.

This breed doesn’t take well to change and should be kept on a normal schedule as possible.

Sphynx Cat
Sphynx Cat flickr by ShannonBadieeZimmerman

Sphynx Cat

The sphynx is a hairless cat. Some wonder at the hypoallergenic tag on this cat since it's the saliva not the dander of cat fur that usually causes the allergies.

The sphynx skin is covered with a fine down that feels like warm suede.

The cat has a high metabolism which explains its hearty appetite.

This is a high energy cat that can be taught to perform tricks. The love of humans is shown in the way it “performs” for their attention.

An intelligent cat, it’s full of curiosity and mischievousness.

A true extrovert, this cat will demand your attention as it follows you wagging its tail.

The sphynx is a healthy breed and mainly requires proper grooming and maintenance to keep its skin free of problems and the furniture clean.

Without hair to absorb natural body oils a bath is recommended once a week. The cat requires very little exposure to the sun as its skin can easily burn.

So if looking for a high energy, intelligent cat this one may be for you.

Colorpoint Shorthair
Colorpoint Shorthair Flickr by kitty.green66

Colorpoint Shorthair

The colorpoint is a first cousin to the Siamese cat. They are true extroverts making friends easily. This breed will chatters incessantly, and shower their owners with love.

This cat is quite sensitive to moods. If its owner is moved to tears, it will try to comfort them.

Do not get this cat if living with a chatty, busybody will drive you nuts. They do not like being left alone. This loving breed will pine and pout if left or not given the attention it craves.

Oriental Shorthair cat
Oriental Shorthair cat flickr by cats rule

Oriental Shorthair cat

The Oriental Shorthair is closely related to the Siamese cat (which is also suggested to be hypoallergenic).

Its coat comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns unlike its relative. This feline encompasses a muscular body that is elongated and slender. The breed usually has green eyes, unlike the blue eye standard in the Siamese.

In spite of their slender appearance, they are quite athletic and can easily leap into high places.

This breed prefers to live in groups or pairs while seeking human interaction.

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