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Carol Kennedy-Steven DeMocker: Stockbroker murder trial

He was a cold-hearted man.
Police file photo

Steven DeMocker-Carol Kennedy Case: Steven DeMocker is an American Prescott stockbroker who was convicted for the murder of his ex-wife Virginia Carol Kennedy in Prescott, AZ, in 2008. The stockbroker, who once earned $500,000 annually, was enraged that he was ordered to pay $6,000 a month in alimony-spousal support payments to his ex-wife. Steven Democker was found guilty of murder in his second trial in 2013.

Crime scene: How Carol DeMocker was killed
Police were dispatched to Carol Kennedy DeMocker's home after receiving a phone call from her mother in another state. When police arrived at the crime scene, they found Carol Kennedy dead in a pool of blood. An autopsy report confirms that she was beaten to death with a golf club about seven times, according to the Prescott Daily Courier.

What makes the Carol Kennedy DeMocker murder so shocking?

Carol Kennedy, 53, was a former teacher at Prescott College and an aspiring artist.

Ex-husband Steven DeMocker was a 55-year-old stock broker who was financially broke at the time of the murder.

A golf club was used to murder the victim.

Carol Kennedy was speaking to her mother on the phone when she was killed. Carol's last words to her mother were "Oh no," according to court testimony.

Update on Steven C. DeMocker today

Steven DeMocker was convicted of murder in 2013 and is still awaiting sentencing. Life without parole is possible.

This murder case includes themes of divorce, murder case involving an artist, murder case involving a stockbroker, murder for insurance money and murder to avoid alimony payments.

Virginia Carol Kennedy
Virginia Carol Kennedy Wikipedia

Virginia Carol Kennedy

Virginia Carol Kennedy aka Carol Kennedy worked as a teacher at Prescott College. She later began a career in art. People who know her say that she was a very spiritual person and a talented artist.

Steven DeMocker-Prescott
Steven DeMocker-Prescott Police file photo

Steven DeMocker-Prescott

Steven Democker was a stock broker gone broke. Those who know him well say that he put Carol Kennedy through a lot of emotional distress during their marriage. He walked into the home while she spoke on the phone to her mother and beat her to death with a golf club.

Carol Kennedy artist slain
Carol Kennedy artist slain Carol Kennedy's art page-Ning

Carol Kennedy artist slain

Carol Kennedy was a lovely artist who taught classes such as Touch Drawing, Expressive Arts, and Creative Art Therapy. She loved Steven DeMocker very much but grew exasperated with him. The couple began to fight constantly over money.

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