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Career choices through IRC’s Adult and Community Education programs

Career and Technical Training provide short-term, inexpensive job training.
Career and Technical Training provide short-term, inexpensive job training.

The Indian River County’s Adult and Community Education programs offer short-term and inexpensive job training, so that individuals can get job training without the long-term commitment to college programs. Why pay for the college credit if you don't need it or that is not the career path of your first choice when there are other options you can consider to acquire proper training to fill a position you feel confident you are well able and willing to obtain to help to take your place and stand in America’s, steadily but surely improving with certainty, economy.

The American Economy has been taught some hard lessons over the years and is now fighting back with positive results for absolute recovery—but, we must all become productive through individual participation and contribution to solidify our country as one nation known and appreciated around the world again, as the United States of America.

Limited Scholarship funds are available for qualified applicants for Adult and Community Education's vocational courses. Apply at the Adult and Community Education School office, located at 1426 19th Street in downtown Vero Beach. The office is South of Route 60 and west of 14th Avenue. The previous year's W2s and tax returns are required for verification of income.

Some students who qualify through the One Stop Career Center may have their tuition, books, and all fees for materials paid for by the One Stop. The One Stop Career Center is located at 1406 Old Dixie Highway in Vero Beach. For further information about One Stop scholarships and related services, phone (772) 569-0355.

Career and Technical Training provide short-term, inexpensive job training. See the attached list of some of the career training courses that are available to those that are interested in a new or better start to the future.

REF: Indian River County School District website ( Link to profile page:

Careers to choose
Careers to choose Photobucket

Careers to choose

Practical Nursing Program

The Practical Nursing Program offered by Adult and Community Education is a certificate program. Earning this certificate allows students to apply for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). Students receive an outstanding foundation in nursing including intensive classroom instruction and supervised clinical experiences in local health agencies. The PN program is a, year long program, during daytime hours, with students attending classes approximately 35 hours per week. The actual schedule of clinical experiences may vary according to the assignments at cooperating facilities and may include evening hours. The Practical Nursing Program is offered at the Adult and Community Education Gifford Campus. More Info

Nursing Assistant & Home Health Aide (HHA) Program

The nursing assistant is an important part of the nursing care team. A nursing assistant is a person who, under the direction of a licensed nurse, performs important basic nursing skills such as: checking vital signs, promoting comfort, personal hygiene, assisting with meals, safety, skin care, and many more necessary tasks. Class time includes instruction in: basic Anatomy and Physiology, classification of diseases, nutrition, specimen collection, blood sugar testing, infection control (HIV, blood borne and airborne pathogens, isolation procedures, and handling of infectious waste), First Aid, Domestic Violence training, and CPR training. In addition students will receive training in professional behavior and ethics. Students who successfully complete this program are prepared to take the Florida State Certification test. This test consists of 55 questions and a practical clinical exam. The state test is administered at our school as an added advantage to our students.

Home Health Aides are a vital part of the medical community. HHA's provide personal care in the home setting to patients who need help due to surgery, chronic disability, recovering from an illness or injury, elderly, and/or are homebound. HHA's help their patients with daily activities such as: getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, exercising, and many more activities.
Adult and Community Education's HHA program includes instruction in support services required to provide and maintain bodily and emotional comfort. Students will also learn to assist patients toward independent living in a safe environment. More Info

REF: Indian River County School District website

More careers to choose
More careers to choose Photobucket

More careers to choose

Medical Assistant Program

The Medical Assistant Program is designed for students who are interested in learning both the clerical and clinical aspects of the medical office setting. Students will learn how to properly maintain patient records, medical forms, confidentiality, medical office ethics, how to communicate with insurance companies, pharmacies and other medical offices. Students will perform hands on activities in Phlebotomy, CPR, First Aid, EKG, Universal Precautions and many other necessary skills.

Medical Coder/Biller

The Medical Coder/Biller program is a two part program that teaches students the skills needed for reimbursement. The Billing component of this course teaches students the necessary skills to bill clients and insurance companies for services rendered as well as the skills needed to collect funds. The Coding component, teaches students how to determine accurate codes for diagnoses, procedures and supplies performed by physicians and providers.

Students will work in a classroom setting as well as a lab setting that contains state-of-the-art software applicable to the medical coding and billing/collection field.

Students who successfully complete the course may sit for the Certified Professional Coder exam (CPC) as well as the Certified Professional Payer/Biller exam (CPC-P). The exams consist of questions regarding the correct application of CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9 codes and reimbursement issues.

Upon successful completion, students can expect to find entry-level positions in hospitals, doctors’ offices, long-term care facilities and many other medical settings. Please note that our program is not an inpatient hospital coding course. It is a general coding course that would allow students to work in hospitals doing outpatient coding.


Phlebotomy is the skill of blood collection. The Phlebotomy course includes: Anatomy and Physiology, safety precautions, patients’ rights, and the correct methods for collection and storage of blood. This course is for students who have no medical background. Adult Education also offers a continuing education Phlebotomy course for students who are already in a hands-on medical position such as CNA or First Responder. More Info

REF: Indian River County School District website

Other careers to choose
Other careers to choose Photobucket

Other careers to choose

Unarmed Security Officer (D)

This course provides training as an unarmed security officer. The course prepares the student for the Security Officer Class D License. Unarmed security officer is an in-demand job for our area. Must be 18 years of age

Armed Security Officer (G)

This course provides training as an armed security officer. The course prepares the student for the Security Officer Class G License. Armed Security Officer is an in-demand job for our area. Students do not need to have taken the Unarmed Security Officer course (above) before taking the Armed Security Officer course, however, an unarmed (Class D) license must be obtained before the armed (Class G) license is granted. Must be 21 years of age

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts program at Adult Education is a hands on program that teaches students basic cooking, knife skills, safety, sanitation and nutritional information before moving into intensive culinary techniques and dishes. When students successfully complete the program they will leave with an Adult Education Career Certificate, a State of Florida Food Handler Certificate (valid for 3 years) and a State of Florida Food Managers Certificate (valid for 5 years).

REF: Indian River County School District website

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