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Cardinal starting pitching scores

Michael Wacha is second in Cardinal pitching scores.
Michael Wacha is second in Cardinal pitching scores.
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

I've created my own scoring model for players this season and I'll be updating it all year to see how it ends up for each player by the end of the season.

The first post will be on starting pitching. The Cardinals have used 6 starters this season: Adam Wainwright (5 starts), Michael Wacha (4), Lance Lynn (4), Shelby Miller (4), Joe Kelly (3, currently on the DL) and Tyler Lyons (1).

For the score, I used weighed amounts broken into 4 parts: Runs, Control, Record, and Defense. Control is the largest part, and contains hits, walks, strikeouts, home runs, wild pitches and hit batsmen. Runs is second largest and incorporates runs and earned runs. Record is next and based off wins and losses. Finally, defense looks at put outs, assists, errors and double plays.

Here are the scores for the starters.

Adam Wainwright: 10.20
Adam Wainwright: 10.20 Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Adam Wainwright: 10.20

Wainwright leads the starter in pitching score, which includes Tuesday's win against New York.

  • Runs: He's only 4th among starters in this category, partially due to the fact that he's had more starts than any other pitcher in the rotation (both Kelly and Lyons rank better). He's been charged with 6 runs, all earned.
  • Control: Wainwright leads the rotation here, as he's got the most strikeouts, 3rd fewest home runs allowed (both Kelly and Lyons haven't allowed one) and fewest hit batsmen. Again, he's got more starts than anyone else at this point.
  • Record: With a 4-1 record, he's tied for most wins and tied second with fewest losses.
  • Defense: Wainwright hasn't had any errors this season to go with 2 putouts and 6 assists.

Even before the win over the Mets, he was leading the team here.

Michael Wacha: 6.55
Michael Wacha: 6.55 Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Michael Wacha: 6.55

Wacha is next, but quite a ways back from Wainwright; with a decent start on Wednesday, he'll move closer to Wainwright and should distance himself from Lynn.

  • Runs: Wacha is behind Kelly and Lyons in the runs department, but both have pitched fewer games. He's only allowed 5 earned and 2 unearned this season.
  • Control: Wacha is behind Wainwright here. He's notching just below a strikeout per innings and leading the rotation with only 3 walks allowed.
  • Record: He's 2-1 this season, which puts him behind Wainwright and Lynn.
  • Defense: Like Wainwright, Wacha has not let up an error; his defense has been limited to 7 assists.

Wacha will face the Mets on Wednesday night for his 5th start of the season.

Lance Lynn: 5.75
Lance Lynn: 5.75 Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Lance Lynn: 5.75

Lynn may be the most winningest pitcher in the NL for the last 2 seasons, but that's largely due to great run support. He ranks 3rd in pitching scores.

  • Runs: Lynn is tied with Miller for the most runs allowed on the team at 9, all earned.
  • Control: He is helped by his strong K/9 (10.29), which is highest on the team. He's also allowed more than a hit per inning, which is also highest on the team.
  • Record: Lynn continues to get the wins, having a 4-0 record this season.
  • Defense: Lynn really hasn't been a factor on defense, as he's only got a put out and 2 assists.

Lynn will finish out the Mets' series on Thursday.

Shelby Miller: 2.26
Shelby Miller: 2.26 Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Shelby Miller: 2.26

Miller has had some unfortunate luck this season. After 2 bad outings, he's started to come around. The team needs to help out though; he's got the lowest run support of the starters with more than 1 appearance (aka Lyons).

  • Runs: Miller limited the damage on his 3rd and 4th start, which has kept his runs down to 9 earned, the same amount as Lynn; the difference between the 2 is the team averages 5.50 runs when Lynn starts and they average 2.50 runs when Miller starts.
  • Control: Like last season, Miller is having issues with the home run. In the 20 hits allowed, 5 have left the yard. He's also walked a team high 14 batters.
  • Record: Miller is currently 1-2; his previous start had the bullpen taking the loss.
  • Defense: Miller, like most of the other starters, has had little defensive impact; he's notched 4 put outs.

Miller is scheduled to start the series opener against Pittsburgh on Friday night.

Joe Kelly: 1.72
Joe Kelly: 1.72 Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Joe Kelly: 1.72

Kelly was off to a fantastic start before pulling a hamstring trying to leg out a bunt single during his last start (4/16 at Milwaukee). Since he's had only 3 starts, his counting stats are going to be lower than the other pitchers.

  • Runs: Kelly was leading the team in the runs department when he got injured; he's given up 1 earned and 2 unearned in his 3 starts.
  • Control: The righty had been pretty good about limiting walks and hits (1.24 WHIP) this season. What hurts him here is he also doesn't strike out many; his 5.28 K/9 is the lowest among starters.
  • Record: Kelly's record is 1-1; the bullpen blew the lead in his second start of the season.
  • Defense: Kelly, like Lynn, hasn't had much of an impact on defense and had a put out and 2 assists.

Kelly is expect to miss at least 2 more starts; there really hasn't been a word as to when he'll be back on the active roster.

Tyler Lyons: 1.18
Tyler Lyons: 1.18 Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Tyler Lyons: 1.18

While Lyons score is the lowest, it's worth noting his 1 start wasn't all that bad. That's a relief after the rough start he had during spring training.

  • Runs: Lyons only let up 2 earned in his first start this season, which isn't that bad.
  • Control: The lefty struggled with control by allowing 4 walks and 6 hits in 6 innings, but it's worth noting that he's only 2 strikeouts behind Kelly in 2 few starts; his K/9 is the highest among starters at 10.50.
  • Record: He lost his only start, but he'll have at least 2 more chances to even that out.
  • Defense: The lone pitching error belongs to Lyons; he also had 2 assists in that start.

Lyons is scheduled to start Saturday's start against the Pirates.

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