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Cancer: Fifteen symptoms that should be of concern to women

"Women are as susceptible to other cancers other than breast cancer!"
"Women are as susceptible to other cancers other than breast cancer!"
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Most women are aware of the symptoms of breast cancer and most wise women get a yearly check-up to rule out breast cancer; or to catch it in its earliest stages.

Every woman and young girl is now part of the “pink ribbon” generation which has brought about breast cancer awareness. That has met with great success as it encourages early detection, good health habits, and has poured millions more into cancer research.

“Relay for Life” is a major event taking place all across the US and sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Check out this site for more details and how you can benefit and participate.

There was a time when few women had or died from lung cancer. It was thought to be more of a man’s cancer. However, with more women smoking and being exposed to sprays, chemicals, and other pollutants, they are fast catching up with the statistics of men.

Kathleen Doheny writer for WebMD has written an information list and explanation of fifteen different symptoms other than breast cancer that women should be aware of; and if they appear for more than two weeks should be checked out by her private physician.

If after a cursory exam, her doctor feels she should have more tests or should be referred to another specialist, she should not be alarmed. As they say, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Most of the time there are other explanations for why these symptoms have persisted. But it is also, “Better safe than sorry.”

Many young women feel that they will not get cancer at an early age; but they can be wrong as well. Even small children get cancer.

Sticking one’s head in the sand and ignoring serious symptoms is not wise and can result in later diagnosis and more serious consequences and even death.

Ms. Doheny reports the following symptoms on WebMD which women should pay close attention to as well as symptoms of breast cancer.

Fifteen symptoms that women possibly ignore:

No. 1: Unexplained Weight Loss

No. 2: Bloating

No. 3: Breast Changes

No. 4: Between-Period Bleeding or Other Unusual Bleeding

No. 5: Skin Changes

No. 6: Difficulty Swallowing

No. 7: Blood in the Wrong Place

No. 8: Gnawing Abdominal Pain and Depression

No. 9: Indigestion

No. 10: Mouth Changes

No. 11: Pain

No. 12: Changes in the Lymph Nodes

No. 13: Fever

No. 14: Fatigue

No. 15: Persistent Cough

Three steps to follow:

1. Be aware of your own body

2. Note anything that is different

3. Follow up with appropriate doctor if concerned

Follow this link to this article and check out each symptom in more detail; and if you suspect that any of this applies to your health, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

It should be noted that having any of these symptoms or several does not necessarily mean that cancer is lurking about; but it means that these symptoms can sometimes be cancer or early warning signs the cancer cells are multiplying somewhere.

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Pink ribbon pins to honor someone with breast cancer
Pink ribbon pins to honor someone with breast cancer Personal photo

Pink ribbon pins to honor someone with breast cancer

The pink ribbon campaign has been very successful in creating awareness for breast cancer. There are many products on the market that reflect this campaign.

Good health and awareness  can prevent cancer
Good health and awareness can prevent cancer AOL Images

Good health and awareness can prevent cancer

Being aware of the warning signs and symptoms of cancer can greatly increase the chance of survival and early cure. Eating right, getting enough sleep, exercise regularly and keep those appointments with the doctor are way to "Say No To Cancer!"

Question everything
Question everything AOL Images

Question everything

Anytime you suspect that something is wrong with your health, question yourself to see if there is cause for concern. Question the doctors and techs to make sure they understand your symptoms; and then question any treatments or cautions you may receive. .


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