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'Blood Bowl 2' gets 'First Match' trailer, promises plenty of gruesome action

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Blood Bowl 2 is hitting store shelves sometime this winter and in order to wet our collective whistles a new trailer entitled “First Match” was launched Tuesday morning. The release of the trailer comes as First Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios are finally letting a little information about this game slip out.

“First Match” shows off the first contest against a team made up of humans and a squad of angry orcs who are doing battle on the gridiron instead of trying to run each other through with swords. Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford provide commentary on the video as they call the game between the Reikland Reavers and the Orcs of Gouged Eye.

While this video pokes fun at our modern day football games, it also does serve to show off the scalable stadiums and attention to detail that Blood Bowl 2 fans had previously only scene in a number of different screen shots.

Blood Bowl 2
Blood Bowl 2 Photo courtesy of Focus Home Interactive, used with permission.

Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 is an obvious successor to the original and incredibly popular Blood Bowl and has been put together by the same team that worked on the original. That’s not to say there aren’t a couple of marked improvements from the original Blood Bowl including more realistic motions and animations and several new teams and players that Blood Bowl devotees will enjoy playing with for hours on end.

Blood Bowl 2 First Match
Blood Bowl 2 First Match Photo courtesy of Focus Home Interactive used with permission.

Blood Bowl 2 First Match

Blood Bowl 2 sports a number of new features that allows the game to differentiate itself from Blood Bowl, without wandering too far away from what made Blood Bowl the super-popular football-based video game players loved.

Blood Bowl 2 has several different modes built to appeal to wide varieties of different players. 

Blood Bowl Carnage!
Blood Bowl Carnage! Photo courtesy of Focus Home Interactive, used with permission.

Blood Bowl Carnage!

There is the Solo and Multiplayer Blood Bowl modes as well as “Campaign” and “League.” Think of League as being the Blood Bowl equivalent of Madden 25’s franchise mode, where you get to build your team’s roster and even build your team’s stadium.

Blood Bowl 2 is slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2014, meaning either late this winter or very early next spring.