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Blake Weibert: Nashville singer tells us 5 more things about himself

Blake Weibert
Blake Weibert

Earlier we wrote an article about Blake Weibert: 5 things about this singer/songwriter but we couldn't fit all the information on this young man into one space, so now we are finding out more about Blake as he tells us five more things about himself for this article.

The music is the inspiration for this young musician, and with his talent, he has nowhere to go but up, and we can be a witness to it and help him through the upcoming release of a new CD, as we help him climb the ladder of success in the world of music in Nashville.

We think you will enjoy the music of Blake Weibert and we encourage you to check out his music and his upcoming CD. Pre-sales of Blake's new album are going on right now! This will also help fund the production and promotion of this album. Expected release date is July 1st 2014. To buy go to the following link:

How to reach musician Blake Weibert:
@blakeweibert (Twitter)
@blueblakeblues (Instagram)
ReverbNation Website
Press Contact Blake Weibert (931) 952-2256
Booking Agent Blake Weibert (931) 952-2256

Blake Weibert Photo 01
Blake Weibert Photo 01 Nancy Goodman

Blake Weibert Photo 01

Q. Blake, this is one of the most interesting to some of our readers: Do you have a so-called 'bucket list' and if so, what do you want to do or accomplish?

A. My 'Bucket List' is very similar to my 'American Dream', but it includes mountain biking and camping the Scottish Highlands (I'm 50% Scottish, as Mum was born there), ski the Alps, plus spend a large bit of time in South America. The list goes on..........

Blake Weibert Photo 0
Blake Weibert Photo 0 Nancy Goodman

Blake Weibert Photo 0

Q. I see you have a new CD in the works, tell us about it and also, how your fans can get a copy?

A. My new CD is to be released sometime in July, with the CD release party to be somewhere in Nashville shortly thereafter. Nancy, I have been BLESSED with my producer, Tommy Wiggins, Guitarist Larry Haack, Drums/percussion Matt North (teacher to the pros and everybody in between), Engineer Dave Towne, Bassist Mark Golden (The Sixes), Keyboard, Organ, Accordion Billy Livsey(Tina Turner, The Doobie Brothers, Travis Tritt, Conway Twitty, Rodney Crowell, Don Williams, Dolly Parton, Michael McDonald, and so much more, OMG!), George Marenelli (Bonnie Raitt, founding member of Bruce Hornsby and the Range). I have a pitch linked to my facebook on

Blake Weibert Photo 03
Blake Weibert Photo 03 Nancy Goodman

Blake Weibert Photo 03

Q. Blake, where can we see you in performances in the near future?

A. Nancy, I have some gigs scheduled for Hampshire, TN on May 10, also, July, and September at Keg Springs Winery, London's in Tullahoma on Saturday May 31st, and many more others, but right now, I'm focusing on this album and the promotion thereof.

Blake Weibert Photo 04
Blake Weibert Photo 04 Nancy Goodman

Blake Weibert Photo 04

Q. What is the funniest or oddest thing that ever happened to you onstage or any one incident that is memorable to you in particular?

A. I had a chair thrown at me for putting a heckler in his proper place in Memphis in 1997 when I was onstage, but I had a great support system there and they promptly took him down and barred him from The Daily Planet, where I met Todd Snider, and took over his Thursday night gig when he moved to Nashvegas. All of the other stories are not fit to print.

Blake Weibert Photo 05
Blake Weibert Photo 05 Nancy Goodman

Blake Weibert Photo 05

Q. Is there anything else you want to add in to today's conversation, Blake? And please let us know where you can find you on the web?

A. . Yes, I just wanted to add that I am grateful for the things that have been happening to me lately. As a result, it has woken me up to a more positive life, filled with gratitude and love, power of perception, coupled with pragmatic action, and a deep appreciation to those who are "do gooders." Life is as beautiful as you make it, and it's so beautiful, that it's almost overwhelming. My fiancé, Olivia, has been downright dreamsicle in helping me with everything. And yes, I do have spirituality. Thank you, Big G! I can be found on ReverbNation, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even MySpace, I think, lol!