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Biting the hand that serves you? Top 5 cities for dog attacks on mailmen

The postal service has released the top cities for bites.
Dallas Pet Scene Examiner

If you thought carrying the mail was an easy job, think again. According to statistics published this week by the US Postal Service, the job of a mail carrier can be downright dangerous.

In all, nearly 5,900 mail service providers reported being bitten last year.

The statistics were posted as part of Dog Bite Prevention Week which promotes awareness about dog bites and how to prevent them.

The program encourages owners to enforce obedience training, teaching dogs to accept service providers as non-threatening, keeping pets inside and away from the door when mail is delivered, and proper socialization, especially as puppies.

So which were the worst cities for mail delivery and how did the fair city of Dallas stack up?

#1 Los Angeles, California
#1 Los Angeles, California SPCA

#1 Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles earned the number 1 spot for dog attacks on postal workers. Last year 69 reports were filed for injuries sustained while on the job.

#2 San Antonio, Texas and Seattle, Washington
#2 San Antonio, Texas and Seattle, Washington Dallas Pet Scene Examiner

#2 San Antonio, Texas and Seattle, Washington

San Antonio and Seattle tied for second position in this list. There were 42 reported injuries last year, which is significantly less than Los Angeles but still leaves room for improvement.

Both cities are noted for being dog-friendly but perhaps the love of pets has edged out the need for discipline?

#3 Chicago, Illinois
#3 Chicago, Illinois Dallas Pet Scene Examiner

#3 Chicago, Illinois

Chicago narrowly missed being named the second worst city for dog bites on mail carriers. There were 41 reported cases overall last year in this city.

In a city known for "tough guys" the "tough dogs" may be taking over when it comes to front door security.

#4 San Francisco, California
#4 San Francisco, California Dallas Pet Scene Examiner

#4 San Francisco, California

San Francisco was named the fourth worst city on the list. They had 38 dog attacks reported.

So much for the calming effects of sunshine and ocean views?

#5 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
#5 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dallas Pet Scene Examiner

#5 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia rounds out the list, named number 5 for dog attacks. Mail carriers received 34 injuries from loose pets, which could have soured relations with the public they serve.

So how did Dallas rank?

Dallas came in at number 13 on the list of U.S. cities. The number of cases reported turned out to be 21.

"Never approach a strange dog," experts advize. "And if you believe a dog is about to attack, try and place something between yourself and the dog. If you're knocked down, curl up and try to protect your face."

The best measure however, is alway prevention through responsible ownership.


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