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Birthday parties with flair

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Birthday parties by design are popular now with parents who don't want to go to the expense of having a party at home. Parties at home can be expensive, time-consuming, and many parents don't want a crowd of children in their home. Choosing a party site can be a good choice for birthday parties. There are companies that offer a wealth of choices for parties with flair.

Sarasota has many companies that offer their services for exciting birthday parties. choices range from the traditional parties with the bouncing machines to companies that are only unique to Sarasota with beach themes and gardening themes. You can even choose to offer a spa day as a birthday party event.

Prices range from expensive to very affordable parties.

Check out the Listed party sites for just a few ideas for a birthday party with flair.

Play away parties

Play away parties
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Play Away, located at 11538 Palmbrush Trail in the Lakewood Ranch area of Sarasota, has been voted as the best birthday party place in town. It has received the Parents Choice Award for offering the best birthday party activities at a reasonable price. Discount coupons are available for advance bookings. There are a wide variety of play activities to choose from. You may call 941-755-1070 for information if you are planning a birthday party for your young child this summer and would like a party with flair. You may also log on at for party planning information.

Funtastics Gymnastics party

Funtastics Gymnastics party
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A unique birthday party can be held at Funtastics Gymnastics,located at 4581 Ashton Road in Sarasota. They offer the traditional Bounce house, trampoline fun, a foam pit, and much more. Discount prices are available for birthday parties. You may call 941-925-9895 for party planning. Information is also available for party planning at

Party with nature

Party with nature
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Sarasota Children's Garden offers a great choice for planning a birthday party with flair. Interactive parties with themes such as The Fairy Tea Party, Pirate Party, and many other choices can be your child's dream come true for a special birthday this year. Sarasota Children's Garden is located at 1670 10th Way in Sarasota. You may call 941-330-1711 for party planning, or log on at