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Betty Broderick: 'A Woman Scorned' and 'Her Final Fury'

based on Broderick case
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Betty Broderick: Where is she now: The Betty Broderick-Dan Broderick divorce case inspired two true-story movies based on the murder of Dan Broderick and his wife Linda Kolkena Broderick. Originally airing on CBS in 1992, "A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story" and "Her Final Fury" dramatized the actual events of the California murder case. The movies starred Meredith Baxter as the "crazy" Betty Broderick.

"A Woman Scorned" synopsis/plot

A beautiful socialite's life is disrupted after her attorney husband begins having an affair with his office secretary. The movie chronicles Betty Broderick's descent into madness which resulted in the murder of her ex-husband and his wife. "Her Final Fury" is a follow-up of her court-trial and deals with her experiences behind bars.

The Real Story

The true events that inspired the movie involved a case out of California in 1989, where a socialite murdered her ex-husband and his second wife in their home as they slept. According to court records, Betty Broderick arrived at the home of Dan and Linda Kolkena and killed them while they were in bed. Betty Broderick was found guilty of the murders and sentenced to life in prison.

Crime Scene: How Linda Kolkena and Dan Broderick were murdered

According to court testimony, both victims were gunned down while they slept. Dan Broderick was found on the floor with a gunshot wound to the back as he reached for the phone. Police discovered Linda Kolkena with gun shot wounds to the head and chest. She was still lying in bed.

What makes this case so bizarre

Betty Broderick was a beautiful housewife who adored her husband. She thought she had the picture-perfect life until her husband started having an affair with his much younger secretary. People who knew the real Betty watched her become totally consumed by her husband's affair. Both Dan Broderick and Linda Kolkena taunted Betty about their new relationship while Betty's mental stability became more fragile.

Betty Broderick's foul-mouthed voice messages became a centerpiece at the trial.

Betty Broderick has been labeled as a narcissistic woman who suffers from Bipolar Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder.

Today's Update on Betty Broderick

Betty Broderick is still in prison. She was denied parole at her 2010 parole hearing. Most of the children are in contact with Broderick. According to CBS News, Betty Broderick's four children are split on whether she should receive parole. Betty's son, Dan Broderick, stated that it could be a "dangerous" mistake to release her back into society. Elizabeth Ann Broderick is currently incarcerated at the California Institution for Women.


Betty Broderick's story has been featured on the Biography channel, The Oprah Winfey Show, as well as other crime shows and documentaries. The two movies based on the case now air on Lifetime.

Public Reaction

Many women have taken to the internet to show their sympathy and support for Betty. Some women have also stated that they felt Betty Broderick was pushed to insanity.

Betty Broderick has received numerous supportive letters while in prison. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to Betty Broderick's fans.

Betty Broderick: Where is she now?
Betty Broderick: Where is she now? Police file photo: American Justice

Betty Broderick: Where is she now?

Betty Broderick thought she had a happy marriage with her attorney husband Dan. He broke her heart, when she discovered that he was having an affair with the secretary. Betty is still incarcerated in a California correctional facility.

Dan Broderick-Linda Kolkena
Dan Broderick-Linda Kolkena Police file photo: OOcities

Dan Broderick-Linda Kolkena

Dan met the beautiful Linda Broderick in his office, where she was hired as his secretary. Witnesses say, both Dan and Linda taunted Betty about their new relationship constantly. Betty's friends say she was literally driven insane.

Betty Broderick-Dan Broderick: Crime Scene
Betty Broderick-Dan Broderick: Crime Scene Police file photo: American Justice

Betty Broderick-Dan Broderick: Crime Scene

When police arrived on the scene they found Dan and Linda Broderick deceased in their bedroom. Betty told police that she originally planed to kill herself. Dan had tried to call 911 after he was shot.

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