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Best NFL superfans of 2013

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Lets enter the best moments of 2013 in New York where the sun beams down on America first. We have a metropolitan dog as the bottom slice of a sports superfan supreme sandwich. In between the two layers of sandwich bread which is topped by superfan Lady Liberty we have a vibrant liberty-loving sports culture and there was an abundant number of choices of toppings or fillers if you will; today I'll show you how passionate National Football League fans are about their NFL sandwiches.

Leading off is a metropolitan dog who really loves his sports. he's a Mets dog! He's also a jetropolitan as in a New York Jets fan.

As is true in New York and many other NFL cities the superfans at Sunday games have no problem showing their true feelings.

Green Bay is the little town of the NFL and their hats of choice include a quarter wheel of some kind of holey orange cheese from holey cows I suppose.

In New England they wear the red, white and blue while standing tall. This Patriots superfan wore a pile of red, white and blue in support of his hometown team.

Animals are well represented in the NFL and one fan chose to show orange and black stripes which are typical colors in the Queen City of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The San Francisco 49ers went to the Super Bowl last February and their fans showed abundant creativity as did this fan with lava coming out of his head.

Rats are something no NFL team would advertise loudly unless it was funny; these New Orleans Saints fans found humor in the vermin and the rat hats have an animal appeal that's hard to replicate with any other animal.

Oakland has its rebels; all of them consider themselves rebels it looks like. The silver and the black are crisp and cool colors and reflect the chilly Oakland weather. This fan has three ideas about the Raiders.

The cheese has an appeal in Green Bay and so does the deer eating cheese; dairy is big in Wisconsin and there are deer everywhere in this rural state. Dear deer. Please feed your deer, y'all.

Masks aren't typical in Houston unless you're a bank robber or a Texans fan. Their fans have adopted the mask as a uniform to support their Texans. Who are those masked men?

This Texans' fan bag of shame reflected the Texans horrible 2013 season which, though, resulted in them receiving the first choice in the 2014 NFL draft.

The bears--the ones we hear of in the deep woods--are a fightin' sort of animal that won't ever be accused of being timid and neither was this Chicago Bears fan who brought out the passion in this photo.

Cheese is funny as a symbol and so--in a derivative sort of humor--is the grater. The grated cheese made the whole meal come together in this game as the Lions grated the cheese heads by thirty points thus putting a topping on their victory potatoes.

As I mentioned this sports superfan supreme sandwich begins and ends in New York. Without the liberty that shines on us and without he top layer of the sandwich we'd be heating chaos stew.

Shine on Lady Liberty!

New York Sports dog
New York Sports dog Getty Images

New York Sports dog

I know this dog personally.  In April he cheers for the Metropolitans and In September he cheers for the Jets.  That's some sports fan!  He never misses a thing.

What are you saying?
What are you saying? Getty Images

What are you saying?

This NFL superfan went to this week four game in 2013 and wanted to say something provocative.  Who is she talking to?  Hmmm.  This could be pointed at management or the television network covering the game. 

Great cheese heads!
Great cheese heads! Getty Images

Great cheese heads!

Cheese is a staple in Wisconsin and that holey orange cheese is the choice of the Green Bay diehards.  These Packer part owners are looking at a high sky and at their high-flying Packers.

Patriot red, white and blue
Patriot red, white and blue Getty Images

Patriot red, white and blue

This New England Patriot superfan is in big company in New England where the roots of the American Revolution are obvious everywhere you travel.  He wears it well.

Tiger stripes
Tiger stripes Getty Images

Tiger stripes

The Bengals are full of emotions as are the Bengal Tigers of the Asian subcontinent.  This superfan stepped out with perfect stripes and his team roared loudly in 2013.

Foamhead unleashed
Foamhead unleashed Getty Images

Foamhead unleashed

Like a volcano unleashed this San Francisco 49ers superfan scared up some looks at the Super Bowl last February;  his 49ers lost to the Ravens in an exciting and action-packed game.

Ratatouille stew
Ratatouille stew Getty Images

Ratatouille stew

These New Orleans Saints superfans came to the Superdome in September 2013 and instantly reminded everyone of the cooking tradition of New Orleans.  Next stop the cooking pot!

Three, two and one
Three, two and one Getty Images

Three, two and one

Three heads are better than two and also one:  I guess so.  It didn't occur to me until I saw this Oakland Raiders superfan donning the silver and black in this well done outfit.

Dear, hungry deer
Dear, hungry deer Getty Images

Dear, hungry deer

Green Bay has cheese:  they have a pride in their cows and their holey cheese.  This Packers superfan and her dear deer saw the Pack beat the Brownies in a September 2013 game.

Houston Texans anonymously
Houston Texans anonymously Getty Images

Houston Texans anonymously

Masked men are nothing new to Texans but as has recently been revealed the Houston Texans were so bad this year they were granted the first pick in the next NFL draft.

Houston Texans couldn't win in 2013
Houston Texans couldn't win in 2013 Getty Images

Houston Texans couldn't win in 2013

We've had the Saints who were called the "aints";  the Houston Texans won't suffer the drought that New Orleans did until they finally won the Super Bowl a few years ago.  These bags aren't forever.

Fightin' Bears!
Fightin' Bears! Getty Images

Fightin' Bears!

The Chicago Bears have been in the NFL goin' on a century;  this game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in September 2013 brought out the energy and the fightin' spirit!

Lions grate the cheese
Lions grate the cheese Getty Images

Lions grate the cheese

These Lions fans brought out the cheese grater as the Lions grated the Rodgers-less Packers; the Packers survived the 30-point loss and won their division in week 17.

Superfan numero uno
Superfan numero uno Getty Images

Superfan numero uno

Bring me your tired, your poor and your wretched refuse yearning to be free.  This superfan is reaching high with that torch as the sun sets over New York City.



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