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Best Jobs in Washington DC area

Think Non-profits
Think Non-profits
S Wms

What’s the perception of employment in the Washington Metro area? If the typical response is one of a handful of negatives, including: constant change generated by the turn-over of the hands of government or overpaid, paper-pushing slackers who can’t be fired because they work for the federal government, you might want to take a closer look. While both positive and negative views are held, this representation is only applicable to a handful of positions. Those on Capitol Hill who work directly with Congress can experience turn-over and those who work under government contractors sometimes suffer attrition at the end of a contract. Much of the DC Metro area workforce has stable, substantial positions.

The possibility of job upheaval in today’s employment landscape could be the new normal. Given this reality, however, what are considered the more desirable jobs in this area? Today’s work environments offer a bevy of choices in schedules, business models, skill-sets and of course levels of compensation. The DC area is a great example. Today's workplace provides combinations of work commutes to the office, tele-work, work-from-home and flexible schedules. Major, multi-national corporations; small and boutique businesses; entrepreneurial start-ups; women and/or minority-owned businesses; mission-oriented, you name it. And there are lots of jobs available. Salaries run the gamut, as well. Government contractors' salaries are the mainstay of the "McMansions" shadowing the northern Virginia countryside or the Georgetown high-rent district.

The District itself is the seat of the nation’s government, boasting innumerable government agencies within its borders. Close-by Maryland and Virginia offer multi-national corporations to one-man operations. Search the Washington Post, Craigslist and online search engines and you'll find the workplace palate to suit your tastes.

The question of what are considered the best places to work in our area is determined by the definition. National journals and local periodicals have rated “best” based on a variety of criteria. At first blush, one might think employees' choices are formed on the solely on the basis of monetary reward, but that would not tell the whole story. Some surveyors do use salaries, benefits or a combination of the two as the deciding factor. Ratings can be based on the responses of the employees' themselves evaluating their workplace as either a "happy" environment in which to work founded upon perks, educational and training opportunities, promotions and work satisfaction.

There are 3 basic workforce categories. Look for resources that lead to employment opportunities in the areas that best match your skills, background and interests among these areas.

Think Non-profits
Think Non-profits S Wms

Think Non-profits

When most people think of getting a job, whether currently employed or out-of-work, one of the primary factors is, of course, money. Salary is an important consideration.

For some, however, working for a cause or mission is at the top of the list of deal-makers. If you have a passionate purpose, a mission or a cause you're promoting, think about turning your passion into your vocation. .

Job seekers can find foundations, associations, service agencies, charitable organizations, cause-based businesses or social entrepreneurship and certainly volunteerism opportunities in nearby Arlington, Virginia. It is a hub of cause-based employers, non-profits and foundations. There is a tremendous presence of organizations serving tens of thousands of individuals and families.

Perks, training and schedule options
Perks, training and schedule options S Wms

Perks, training and schedule options

Students and seniors alike will tout Starbucks as a great place to work. They offer great benefits. Often job seekers forget to look into the small retail and boutique operations to find employment happiness. Starbucks, for example, offers benefits and ample opportunities to quickly move-up the ladder.

Employees are often most loyal to companies that allow them the opportunity to further their outside interests, learn new things or receive training that opens and promotes greater ability to operate within a culture that suits their personality.

IT companies top the lists
IT companies top the lists Photo by Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

IT companies top the lists

Huge portals of corporate employers line the highways of Northern Virginia, particularly in Loudoun County. Major corporations including Verizon, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard and AOL, as well as, data centers which occupy 4.3 million square feet of the County are steadily growing.

Opportunities for IT professionals and all the services that support the industry are reportedly readily available. In this area, IT companies offer the top salaries, benefits and corporate perks that earmark a great job. These companies are popping up everywhere. IT companies and services that support them possess all the ingredients of a robust job market.

Search northern Virginia communities, such as Ashburn, Herndon, Reston and Arlington to locate pockets of some of the best job opportunities in the Metro area.

With the introduction of the Silver Line transportation to work commute will become increasingly easy.