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Hilarious cartoon episodes that make no sense

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Although there are more cartoons to watch over and over again on the web, we are thankful for YouTube and other channels for providing a way to pass our days.

These cartoons leave us in stitches from laughing so hard and we can’t get enough of viewing them on the Tube. They make you go, “What the heck was that for?”

What makes these shows popular is how many times they are watched on YouTube and and the kind of comments left on them as well as how well each cartoon fit into the culture of the times.

For example, Breadwinners episode on "Big Baby Buns", features an alien that appears to be twerking, and after the Miley Cyrus twerk on awards shows and the fact everyone who knew or didn't know about it began to do it is testament to how current and relevant the cartoon really is. Again, this is a humble opinion, not a fact.

Email is a form of social media but comparably old compared to other forms to communicate and share now: Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram, etc., and uncle grandpa has been playing "E-Mail" the ducky. Hilarious name and even more outrageously funny show- because email is a name in this episode, not a metaphysical object.

Find any more animations to laugh at, even though they make no sense? Share them here!

Big baby buns from breadwinners
Big baby buns from breadwinners Breadwinners launch song taken from

Big baby buns from breadwinners

Coming in at numero uno is “Breadwinners” the Frog Day Afternoon episode where SwaySway and Buhdeuce find an alien and when the bottom part of his shell falls off, Sway Sway says, “Awww, he has three big baby buns!” From there Buhdeuce thinks it is appropriate to do sing a Big Baby Bun Rap which has a catchy tune, catchy words and the entire clip is just too much fun to watch. Some argue it teaches kids to twerk…you be the judge.

Regular Show: The longest weekend
Regular Show: The longest weekend Regular show photo by Heather Paul for

Regular Show: The longest weekend

At second place is “Regular Show’s” The Longest Weekend episode. Now this episode wins funny points simply because of timing of the images and just its overall comedy genius;  it leaves you wondering, “Huh?” In the episode, Muscle Man must not contact Starla so they can give their relationship a break and their friends try to help them, but as midnight approaches, Starla and Muscle Man turn into fireballs and race towards the church, what happens as the chime goes off at 12 O’clock is what’s so funny.

Spongebob and the strangler
Spongebob and the strangler The strangler photo by Captain Brody for

Spongebob and the strangler

Spongebob…need I say more? This episode is about a tattle tell strangle, who murders anyone who calls the cops on him and in this case Spongebob calls the cops on him for littering. As usual, the show takes a wild turn as the strangler disguises himself to get Spongebob and in the process The Strangler gets exasperated when Spongebob narrowly escapes his grip. Watch out for those spiky cleats, Strangler!

Super Mario is not a ray of sunshine here
Super Mario is not a ray of sunshine here Super Mario Sunshine by Luckymou for Deviantart

Super Mario is not a ray of sunshine here

Who is Dorkly? I don’t know, but the creator of animations based off video games is pure funny. Who knew that a plumber like Mario who travels worlds and stomps plants could go much farther? It’s Mario meets God of War in this 1 minute video. Warning: Mario Goes Berserk has some inappropriate language not suitable for children.

Uncle grandpa and strange duckies
Uncle grandpa and strange duckies Uncle grandpa photo by spongebobisawesome21 for

Uncle grandpa and strange duckies

 Uncle Grandpa began on Cartoon Network in 2013 and already is a hit with kids and adults alike. Not sure why. But if Email the Duck episode is any indication, the show is quite funny. In this episode there is an octopus with the head of a duck- the duck has no eyes. Enough said.


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