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Best florist in Washington, DC

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When it came to determining the best florists in Washington, DC, we had a bit of a challenge. DC, after all, is not only a city, it's the nation's capitol and, thus, a symbol with multiple meanings, and local businesses tend to reflect that. DC florists, perhaps, more than some other types of businesses, have to be responsive to the many communities, styles and traditions of the city to make it on to their customer's lists of the best florists in Washington, DC. The votes are in, and here are some of the reasons these florists made it to the top of the list:

  • Talent...and Versatility
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Consistency

Why these particular attributes, among so many others? Talent, of course, is a necessity in any creative endeavor, and the best florists in DC have this in abundance—but in this city, it must be coupled with versatility. Top florists may be called on to supply flowers and decorations for events where "protocol" is more than just a word, in the same week that they create multiple individual bouquets, unique to each customer's taste. They need to be able to handle it all with creativity and flair.

In Washington, DC, you never know who is going to drop by a flower shop, or place an order online—that's never a worry when a top florists supplies an excellent product and service as a matter of course. This means ensuring access to the freshest flowers, the best design (and talented designers,) and viewing each customer as important—because it's satisfied customers that help a business thrive .

This also speaks to the last attribute we looked at—consistency. If there is one thing that individual and corporate DC clients, event planners and others looked for in a top florist, it was their ability to perform well, every time. And their willingness to make things right should something unexpected happen. The best florists in Washington, DC do all this and more, and their customers show their appreciation.

Flowers and Plants, Etc.
Flowers and Plants, Etc. Flowers and Plants, Etc.

Flowers and Plants, Etc.

Flowers and Plants, Etc. is committed to offering only the finest floral designs and giftware backed by service that is friendly and prompt. Because each of their customers are important, their professional staff is dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one.

Helen Olivia Flowers
Helen Olivia Flowers Helen Olivia Flowers

Helen Olivia Flowers

Helen Olivia Flowers is a high end retail florist known throughout the region for their stunning floral arrangements, creatively composed in their unique signature style.  Helen Olivia uses only the finest, high quality flowers in their arrangements.

L'Artisan Lily
L'Artisan Lily L'Artisan Lily

L'Artisan Lily

L'Artisan Lily provides detailed and artistic floral design services with a positive ecological edge to stylish Washingtonians. They use flowers that are environmentally friendly and support flower farms that follow strict growing practices regulated by certified associations and agencies.

 Le Printemps
Le Printemps Le Printemps

Le Printemps

Le Printemps selects each blossom and places each spray with artistic care to create a unified whole, perfectly reflecting lasting memory.  From the most contemporary to the traditional, Le Printemps is a leader in custom design.

MultiFlor MultiFlor


At MultiFlor, attention to detail is their mantra and their commitment is to quality products, impeccable service and
maintaining their highly regarded reputation as a leader in the floral design industry.