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Best Five Animals at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing

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When exploring the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan, all the animals, reptiles, and birds provide entertainment for their own reason. However, as particular animals pose for onlookers, five animals stood out during a recent visit. These animals include a male lion, a banded mongoose, animated meerkats, and two particularly colorful peacocks freely roaming the zoo. Their lovely faces and natural camouflage are captured in the accompanying list of photos.

Brilliant Peacock
Brilliant Peacock Kristen Wilkerson

Brilliant Peacock

Did you know that males are called peacocks, but females are called peahens? This is one tidbit of information visitors learn while at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing.  Their peacocks roam freely throughout the park. One is even an albino.  This brilliant bird, however, displays its brilliant blue against the bright green grass behind.

King of the Jungle
King of the Jungle Kristen Wilkerson

King of the Jungle

How often can someone stand less than ten feet from a lion with only a sheet of glass between you?  The roar of this lion could be heard throughout the park, defining it as the king for sure.  Strong and powerful, this male lion of the pride lives in an outdoor area with lionesses and also has his own individual area to rest at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan.

Banded Mongoose
Banded Mongoose Kristen Wilkerson

Banded Mongoose

Isn't the mongoose's little pink nose so cute?  Poised atop and crawling throughout hollow logs, the banded mongoose made visitors smile at the Potter Park Zoo.  This animal lives as part of a colony and originates from various parts of Africa.

Peacock Overhead
Peacock Overhead Kristen Wilkerson

Peacock Overhead

Ever have a peacock land above you?  This one flew above visitors' heads to display its interesting deep colored feathers.  The abundant foliage of the Potter Park Zoo made him even more majestic as he settled onto his perch.

Meerkat Lookout
Meerkat Lookout Kristen Wilkerson

Meerkat Lookout

Did you know that meerkats would make excellent security guards?  Well, that is, until they fall asleep on the job.  Many of the colony's meerkats would flop flat in the sand below to take a snooze while others remained on watch duty.  Others would slump over in a sort of seated slumber.  Regardless, they are adorable creatures to watch at the Potter Park Zoo.



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