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Best burger joints in Carmel

One of the top servers at Teddy's Burger Joint
Andi Wilson, Teddy's Burger Joint

Want a good burger? There are plenty of places to grab an ever-so-famous Big Mac or a Whopper. But, what about the burger places that have recently begun popping up in the Carmel area? Too many to mention? Below is my listing of my top five Carmel favs (maybe you'll even agree with me):

Number 5: Stacked Pickle, located at 12545 Old Meridian Street in Carmel, is known for being "your neighborhood restaurant & bar." They are a great place when you want to get a bite to eat, have a few adult beverages (or non-adult beverages), and enjoy watching a game or two. I consider the Stacked Pickle to be kind of a "where everybody knows your name" kind of joint (thanks for the line cliche, Gary Portnoy). But, really, they offer great burgers at decent prices (and yes, with a pickle). They even offer fried pickles.
Pros: Family friendly, friendly wait staff, decent prices, daily deals, carryout
Food Fav: Fried pickles
Social: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Number 4: Carmel Burgers, located at 5790 East Main Street in Carmel. Why is this number four on my list? Because it's one of the best. It's one of my favorites. Putting them fourth doesn't take away anything this amazing restaurant has to offer. Carmel Burgers come with some of the freshest toppings this side of the Mississippi (I don't know if that's true, I just like spelling Mississippi in my head while typing it out). But, these burgers are phenomenal. If you haven't tried one, you are missing out. Do they sell only burgers, you ask? Glad you asked. No. They sell gyros. Gyros! I love gyros. And hot dogs? Yes, siree. They have been featured on local news stations and even offer catering. How nice. Burgers in my home and I don't even have lift a finger. Try them. You will be full and happy.
Pros: Family friendly, friendly staff, great prices, great location, free Wi-Fi, faxable menu
Food Fav: Bello burger
Social: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Number 3: Teddy's Burger Joint, located at 1235 Keystone Way in Carmel (Remember the old Carrabba's?). Ahh, good old number three. This is a place that believes in "burgers & happiness." My family and I tried this place out. It got a few bad reviews after opening, but we still wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. We found out. Teddy's Burger Joint had some computer issues after opening, causing all sorts of problems. I can forgive that. Hopefully you can, too. Well, they certainly didn't have it the night we went. one thing we noticed (and this was a Friday night) right away was that children were everywhere. I mean, everywhere. They were even over in what I thought was the bar area. So, we asked our server, Mackenzie (who is an amazing server by the way. She even let me put her picture up so you'll know who she is when you visit - seriously, she's in high school and trying to make money - ask for her). She said they let children anywhere in the front of the restaurant and can do so because they do not sell hard liquor, only beer. Remember this so you aren't surprised or disappointed when you visit. They only sell beer as an adult beverage, and much of it is local/craft beer. Nice! They have all sorts of non-alcoholic beverages. I was a little hesitant on the burger and ended up ordering the Teddy's Burger with cheese (ahh, how I love cheese). Price? Good. Burger? Better. Now, they do have something called The Maverick. The manager suggested that if you want to ever try The Maverick (and it looked like only one guy from Plainfield successfully finished this sandwich), that you should start out with eating an entire meatloaf, and then two, and then maybe three. If you can eat three meatloaf, then you may be able to eat The Maverick. Here's the deal on The Maverick:
The Maverick (straight from their website): The Maverick Challenge will leave you full with 8 lbs of Sandwich to eat in just 60 Minutes. The current record is 12 minutes and 48 seconds. Do you think you are man enough? Give us 24 hours in advance and schedule a showdown today! EAT THE BURGER IN LESS THAN 60 MIN. and IT IS FREE!
They even have a play area for the children. Before we left, we were able to enjoy some very cool live music. I loved the garage doors and the barn type atmosphere (felt more like home to me).
Pros: Very child friendly, supports the community, child play room, burger challenge, live music (Fridays and Saturdays), they cater
Food Fav: They have amazing fries
Social: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, iTunes

Number 2: Bub's Burgers & Ice Cream, located at 210 West Main Street in Carmel, is an amazing place to stop and eat when riding, walking, skating, etc., along the Monon Trail. When someone asks, "Who wants a burger?" I immediately think of Bub's. Why? Because their burgers are "uh-mazing," and they come with waffle fries. Oh.m.gosh. But, who wants to go to a place that's been there forever, anyway? Just check their line coming out the door - just about anyone who enjoys a good burger. Plus, they have an ice cream parlor. Can I get an amen? Check this out. They have a big burger, too. The Big Ugly was even featured on Man vs. Food. I think he ate three of them? To date, they have sold over 42,000 Big Uglies. Wow! Each burger is made from "fresh, hand pattied ground beef." They also have a wonderful Bison Burger. This place, the atmosphere, the location - it's just good all around.
Pros: Family friendly, ice cream parlor, locally owned, you can work off your meal on the Monon
Food Fav: The Bison Burger with waffle fries
Social: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Urbanspoon

Number 1: Good Old Muldoon's, located at 111 West Main Street in Carmel. "But wait," you say. "They are an Irish Bar." They sure are. But, that doesn't stop them from having an amazing burger. They have a Bleu Cheese Burger (my personal fav). This place, which was rated Best Neighborhood Bar in Indy for the third year in a row, is a compilation of tons of different food (and yes, even fish and chips). But, it's the people, the location, the staff, the everything about the place - and not just the burgers, that makes it one of my most favorite places to visit. Yes, this is a place you want to visit when you truly love to feel like they never want you to leave. They do, though. Want you to leave. These people live on those tips! I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting Muldoon's each time we go. I almost get a happy feeling in my belly because I know I'm going into a good, enjoyable atmosphere. It's an Irish Restaurant and Bar. But, they aren't going to shy away from meals they know everyone else will enjoy. They have a multitude of items on their menu for anyone to enjoy. I just wish they all spoke Irish. Oh, how I love listening to an Irish accent.
Pros: Kids welcome when restaurant is open, good location, live music, craft beer
Food Fav: Bleu Cheese Burger
Social: Website, Facebook, Twitter

I don't expect you to agree with everything I put on here. That's why it's called a "review." My personal opinion. But, I tell you what, when you're hankering for a burger and are in the Carmel area, I highly recommend one of these five places. I know I'll be back to them soon. Hope to see you there.

My #5 - The Stacked Pickle
My #5 - The Stacked Pickle The Stacked Pickle

My #5 - The Stacked Pickle

Try their amazing fried pickles! The Stacked Pickle pickles (now that’s a mouthful) and burgers are a great necessity, especially when you're craving something salty.

My #4 - Carmel Burgers
My #4 - Carmel Burgers Carmel Burgers

My #4 - Carmel Burgers

If there was ever a place where I knew I could enjoy a delicious burger, have a family friendly atmosphere, and be close to home, it is the Carmel Burgers Restaurant.

My #3 - Teddy's Burger Joint
My #3 - Teddy's Burger Joint Teddy's Burger Joint

My #3 - Teddy's Burger Joint

Teddy's Burger Joint has three locations, but I really only worry about the one in Carmel. They have a great atmosphere. I feel like I can kick my feet back, relax, and enjoy a tasty pile of red meat all at the same time.

My #2 - Bub's Burgers & Ice Cream
My #2 - Bub's Burgers & Ice Cream Bub's Burgers

My #2 - Bub's Burgers & Ice Cream

Holy burger, this place has good burgers. I love that I can jump off my bicycle and go in for a hot, delicious meal. The staff is always ready for a large crowd. And what's better than topping off my meal with some ice cream after?

My #1 - Muldoon's
My #1 - Muldoon's Muldoon's

My #1 - Muldoon's

I love, love, love, this place. Have I mentioned I love it? I love their large choice of different types of food. I love the fact they are an Irish establishment (part Irish myself). I love the wait staff. They are just amazing. Great service. Delicious food. I can't say enough.


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