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Best 9 knitting bucket list items

If you have never knit with cashmere, it is very soft and sumptuous.
Holli Friedland

Everyone who knits has that one dream project they would love to knit. The piece could be an elaborately patterned cashmere afghan or a complicated sweater that is full of color work. Or, it could be something as simple as knitting with luxurious yak yarn. All knitters have that bucket list.

1. Knitting with cashmere. It feels great when you wear it and feels spectacular when you knit with this elegant and soft wool.

2. Knit that complicated Celtic pattern. The cables in front and behind, horseshoes, twists and turns of a Celtic pattern can drive most knitters to drink. It is not the kind of thing you want to knit when anyone or anything might distract you. One wrong turn and… it turns into a frogging project (unraveling what you knit because you “rrrrrip-it, rrrrip-it”).

3. Learn entrelac. It looks like it is woven and knit and seems a lot more complicated before you learn how to do it.

4. Learn a new technique like short rows. Short rows help make curves on a project and make it more three-dimensional.

5. Knit a lacy shawl. Patterns containing lots of yarn overs and having a huge number of stitches on your needle can present a difficult task for knitters of all abilities.

6. Knit socks. Knitting socks will introduce you to the kitchener stitch, making a seam that is invisible.

7. Learn how to knit with a magic loop. Toss your double pointed needles and give this technique a try. Knit in the round with any number of stitches on the needle. Better yet, knit two socks at once with magic loop.

8. Try a new type of yarn. There are lots of recycled types of fiber or corn fiber, soy, bamboo or banana silk yarn that can give garments a different feel and drape.

9. Challenge yourself. No matter what you decide to knit, you can always find something that looks like a challenge. You will never progress your knitting abilities if you do not try new techniques, fibers or patterns.

Soft and luxurious yarns.
Soft and luxurious yarns. Holli Friedland

Soft and luxurious yarns.

All knitting participants enjoy new experiences. With these rich textures and soft fibers, the task is a lot more fun. Try some new fibers whenever you get the chance.

Celtic knot
Celtic knot Holli Friedland

Celtic knot

While knitting Celtic designs can be challenging, this iphone cover was a small project that is good for someone who is just learning to deal with multiple cables.

Shawl project.
Shawl project. Holli Friedland

Shawl project.

Knitting a shawl can be challenging because there are often a large number of stitches on the needle at the beginning or the end. The end results make it all worth while.

Knit some socks.
Knit some socks. Holli Friedland

Knit some socks.

If you have never tried knitting socks, it can be great fun. Choose yarn meant for socks (wool blends are popular) so that the sock has enough elasticity to stay up and is durable at the same time.

Fun mitten project with magic loop.
Fun mitten project with magic loop. Holli Friedland

Fun mitten project with magic loop.

Yes! Knit two fuzzy mittens at once with the magic loop and two skeins of yarn. Using a long circular needle, you can actually knit two things -- or even more -- at once.

Try new fibers.
Try new fibers. Holli Friedland

Try new fibers.

This is a small tablecloth knit with a linen yarn. Linen is a durable fiber than can last a good, long time. The yarn is smooth and easy to manipulate.