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Beauty benefits of red wine

Many know the antioxidants are good for the heart; however, new information proves red wine can benefit overall beauty.
Taken by Alex Alford

“A glass of red wine a day can help keep the doctors at bay.” Although this may come off as a joke or an excuse to drink an extra glass of wine, health care professionals have discussed the health benefits of red wine for years. The antioxidants in red wine have been linked to heart protection and overall health. However, what many don’t know is a glass of red wine a day can provide overall beauty benefits as well.

Red wine helps overall health

Red wine is rich in resveratrol. This ingredient has many great anti aging benefits and can help slow the aging process.

The strong antioxidants in red wine prevent the accumulation of fat in arteries. This helps prevent heart strokes and heart attacks.

The polyphenois in red wine can also protect the body against oxidative damage.

Guercetin, a component found in red wine, can prevent lung cancer, can lower the risk of breast cancer, and can reduce cancer cell growth.

Red wine improves skin

Drinking a glass of wine can protect the collagen in the skin from wrinkling.

Wine gives a glow to the skin and also removes tans and blemishes.

The properties in wine can be therapeutic and has been proven to help rejuvenate skin.

Red wine acts as a toner when applied directly to skin.

Wine stimulates the development of cells in the outer layers. This provides a younger, glowing look for the skin.

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Red wine improves hair quality

After shampooing and conditioning hair, a simple red wine rinse can improve the thickness and shine in hair.

The resveratrol found in read wine can help prevent hair loss. Drinking wine daily can increase scalp circulation and reduce flakiness and dandruff.

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