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Beat the ‘Scandal’ blues: 5 ways to #CopeWithoutPope

'Scandal' Episode Marathon
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Gladiators at large may be experiencing some serious “Scandal” withdrawal awaiting the Feb. 27 season three return. Series star Guillermo Diaz (Huck) reached out and tapped into the fans' angst when he posed the following question via a video clip on the "Scandal" Facebook page on Jan. 26:

“What’s up guys? How do you cope without Pope? Why don’t you show us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr?”

Respondents were instructed to use #CopeWithoutPope with their reply.

As of today, Jan. 28, the Facebook post has received 2,538 Facebook replies from enthusiastic and creative fans that are obviously chomping at the bit to see their favorite show return.

For instance, Chekesha Schenck was quite clever stating, “I just sit in the corner and rock back and forth.”752752752752752752....752"

Mary Calvillo was equally witty saying, “It's not easy...on Thursdays I have to talk to people...”

Even funnier is Becca Kitchens’ reply, “I watch every episode...I mean EVERY episode, dress like the characters (my Huck outfit consists of jeans and my red hoodie), drink wine in an insanely tall glass, end conversations with 'its handled', & hope 'Tom' or 'Hal' shows up at my door.”

We know how Becca and company feel, don’t we?

In true Gladiator spirit, here are 5 ways you can try to #CopeWithoutPope until “Scandal’s” glorious Feb. 27 return. (“Try,” of course, being the operative word!)

Click through the list to see the suggestions.

'Scandal' Episode Marathon
'Scandal' Episode Marathon Promotional Image

'Scandal' Episode Marathon

Watching EVERY previous “Scandal” episode goes without saying. What other viewing option is there? Simply stream them via Amazon or Netflix, cable On Demand, or pop Season 1 and Season 2 DVD sets into your player and have a jolly good “Scandal” day.

This option also gives you the opportunity to find all the steamy Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) scenes you can and play them over and over – and over!

Host a 'Scandal' Party
Host a 'Scandal' Party Leigh Vogel Getty Images

Host a 'Scandal' Party

Invite all of your closest Gladiators over for a “Scandal”-themed party. Model the invitations after White House Correspondents Dinner invites. Dress up like your favorite characters individually or couples can come as Fitz and Mellie, Fitz and Olivia, Jake and Olivia, Cyrus and James, David and Abby, Huck and Quinn, Quinn and Charlie, Rowan and Maya, Sally and Daniel and so on.

Be sure to serve LOTS of wine, have “Scandal” episodes running on flat screens around the room and play all kinds of “Scandal”-icious games like “Scandal” Bingo, “Scandal” Pictionary, “Scandal” Charades, “Scandal” Trivia and the “Scandal” Alphabet Game in which every item going to Washington D.C. relates to “Scandal.”

Example: I’m going on a trip to Washington D.C. and I am taking Abby’s Stolen Memory Card. The next person repeats the “a” item and adds a “b” item: I am taking Abby’s Stolen Memory Card and Billy Chambers’ Blackmail Tape.

Channel Your Inner Cyrus Beene
Channel Your Inner Cyrus Beene Frederick M. Brown Getty Images

Channel Your Inner Cyrus Beene

We all know how crazy good Jeff Perry is at bringing the morally slippery and self-serving Cyrus Beene to life. And, we love all those verbal tirades he delivers in the name of preserving the future of the Grant White House.

How can we forget Cyrus ranting about all he has endured for his dear friends Fitz and Olivia in Season 2, Episode 22 “White Hat’s Back On”?:

“I've moved Heaven and Earth to save you from yourselves. I have lied for you. I have stolen for you. I have cheated for you. I have killed for you. I have almost died for you. And you, you two are so stupid and romantic and high on your own doomed love, Romeo and Juliet, Dear Diary nonsense that you won't even save your own lives, but I am being dramatic?”

Pick one or two of your favorite Cyrus monologues, memorize them, stand up in front of an audience or in front of your mirror and recite them. Line by line. Word by word. (It’ll be handy to have a cell phone as a prop to bark into or a friend to direct your comments to).

If you get on a roll and are feeling really ambitious, you could invite friends and act out an entire episode. Maybe even have a weekly neighborhood Thursday night “Scandal” re-enactment performance.

Serve some wine, of course. Maybe hand out some Pope & Associates business cards. Raffle off a Fitz phone, a helicopter ride to a Vermont mansion or a set of really snazzy wine glasses.

Lobby Congress to Declare Feb. 27 National 'Scandal' Day
Lobby Congress to Declare Feb. 27 National 'Scandal' Day Alberto E. Rodriguez Getty Images

Lobby Congress to Declare Feb. 27 National 'Scandal' Day

Canvas your neighborhood between now and the show’s return and gather signatures for a petition to persuade Congress to declare Feb. 27 as “Scandal” Day.

Hallmark could develop an entire line of greeting cards inspired by memorable “Scandal” scenes and bits of dialogue. For instance:

Front of card: I love you. I’m in love with you. You’re the love of my life.

Inside of card: In a very deep, all-consuming Fitz-and-Olivia forever kind of way.

Imagine Pope & Associates-themed parades in every town. White hats. Cell phones dialing and ringing in synchronized tones. Huge “Grant for Re-Election” banners. Lots of flags. And, of course, nationwide wine tasting festivals.

'Scandal' Scoop
'Scandal' Scoop Tibrina Hobson Getty Images

'Scandal' Scoop

You can always spend time surfing online for every “Scandal” and “Scandal” cast-related article, blog, fan site, Tumblr site, photo and video clip you can find. Or, re-read every online and print magazine “Scandal” and cast feature story, Facebook post, Tweet, Pinterest board, and Tumblr page.

Oh. You’re already doing that? Great!

In case you may have missed something, here’s some recent “Scandal” news:

"Scandal"earned the distinction as one of AFI’s (American Film Institute) 2013 Television Programs of the Year.

NAACP Image Award winner Kerry Washington was nominated for a 2013 Primetime Emmy and 2014 Golden Globe award for her role as Olivia Pope.

Tony Goldwyn is slated to direct upcoming episode 3.15 which is scheduled to air on March 27.

Jeff Perry is directing the acclaimed stage drama "A Steady Rain" at the Odessey Theatre in Los Angeles which is on an eight week run from Feb. 22 through April 20.

The “Scandal” writers are hard at work and love to tweet all kinds of fun and interesting tidbits. Follow them on Twitter at @ScandalWriters.

Finally, “Scandal” director and co-executive producer Tom Verica is directing “Scandal” stars Jeff Perry and Guillermo Diaz, along with KaDee Strickland (“Private Practice”), Elizabeth Perkins (“Weeds”), and Cullen Douglas (“True Blood,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) in the upcoming indie film “Building Bridges.”

“Building Bridges” is based on the true story of Ron Moore, a man who lost his wife and children in an act of unimaginable gun violence. The gripping and highly important film is currently in pre-production and depicts Ron’s struggle as he searches for the will to live and find love again in the wake of this horrific small town tragedy. Visit the “Building Bridges” website or Facebook page for more information.

Guess that leaves telling your boss, spouse, friends, and anyone who might be silly enough to have never watched a “Scandal” episode that they’d better suit up with the other one hundred zillion Gladiators and get ready for some must-see TV on Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

If all else fails, call Olivia Pope! She can fix whatever is ailing you. Consider it handled!

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