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‘Baseball and a Movie’ returns to Dodger Stadium

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The Dodgers will again offer one of baseball’s best promotions this season, fielding screenings of three iconic baseball-themed movies.

Full length features, Field of Dreams, A League of Their Own, and The Natural will be shown on the DodgerVision screens in April, May, and August respectively.

“We’re excited to provide fans with family-friendly entertainment on the field and on the big screen with the Dodger Stadium Movie Series,” said Dodger Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Lon Rosen.

On Saturday, April 26th, the Dodgers play the Rockies in a game scheduled to start at 6:10. After the night’s contest ends, those in attendance may watch Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams.

Because the screens are in left and right field, fans sitting in the pavilions are invited to the outfield grass to better view the movie.

A League of Their Own starring Tom Hanks and Geena Davis will be aired after the game against the Pirates on the last day of May, while Robert Redford’s The Natural is scheduled after the contest on August 16th.

The games are likely to sell out.

“Last season’s screenings were so popular, we are delighted to once again offer Dodger fans the opportunity to watch their favorite baseball films here at Dodger Stadium,” Rosen added.

Starting at $20, a ticket gets fans into the game and screening along with a voucher redeemable for one popcorn, and a soda.

Rosen believes with Dodger Stadium as the venue, baseball and a movie is a winning combination.

“There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of an iconic baseball stadium as a venue to watch some of the greatest sports films.”

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The films will be shown on the DodgerVision screens that boast the highest pixel density in all of baseball
The films will be shown on the DodgerVision screens that boast the highest pixel density in all of baseball Harry How/Getty Images

The films will be shown on the DodgerVision screens that boast the highest pixel density in all of baseball

A stadium upgrade unveiled last February included new video boards in right and left field.

The screens are more than 77 feet wide and 38 feet high, tapering down to a height of 24 feet at their ends.

Team ownership continues to improve the stadium experience in Los Angeles. 

"If you build it, they will come".
"If you build it, they will come". Mark Mainz/Getty Images

"If you build it, they will come".

Field of Dreams staring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones will be aired April 26th after the game against the Rockies.

The 1989 film was ranked the eighth-best baseball movie by

Costner also starred in baseball movies Bull Durham and For the Love of the Game.

"There's no crying in baseball"
"There's no crying in baseball" Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

"There's no crying in baseball"

Tom Hanks uttered the famous line in the 1992 hit movie as manager of the Rockford Peaches.

Most remember Geena Davis' Dottie Hinson character, but it's easy to forget that Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell and John Lovitz also appeared in the film.

Los Angeles squares off against Pittsburgh before the viewing.

Robert Redford played Roy Hobbs in "The Natural"
Robert Redford played Roy Hobbs in "The Natural" Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Robert Redford played Roy Hobbs in "The Natural"

A star-studded cast helped make The Natural the seventh-best baseball film according to Baseball America

In addition to Redford, the cast includes Robert Duvall, Kim Basinger, Glenn Close, Wilfred Brimley and Barbara Hershey.

The Dodgers play the Brewers in the August 16th game that precedes the movie.

"It's time for Dodger baseball"
"It's time for Dodger baseball" Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

"It's time for Dodger baseball"

Don't forget the game itself.  Along with the movie, you get admission to see the reigning NL West champions who are built to win now.

One more thing -- as you enter the stadium, you'll get a voucher that's good for popcorn and a soda. 

With tickets starting at $20, it's quite a value.