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'Banshee Chapter' true story based on human experiments

'Banshee Chapter' based on CIA-Mind Control Experiments
'Banshee Chapter' based on CIA-Mind Control Experiments
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"Banshee Chapter" is due to be released in theaters on January 10, according to's report today. "Banshee Chapter is a 2014 true-story movie based on real events, according to Blair Erickson, the film's director. The supernatural thriller is written by Blair Erickson and Daniel J. Healy. (Cast: Katia Winter, Michael McMillian and Ted Levine.)

"Banshee Chapter" synopsis/plot

When a journalist's friend suddenly disappears, Anne Roland begins to investigate. As she navigates deeper into the case, she realizes that her friend's disappearance is connected to a government experiment gone wrong and later abandoned by the government. But, will Anne Roland live long enough to expose the truth?

The true-story events that took place in the film are based on real accounts of the government's involvement with human experimentation. The director became interested in the history of government chemical experiments. In his research, he discovered that the counter-cultures were deliberately created by the development of mind-altering drugs such as LSD and other hallucinogens.

"Banshee Chapter" is mostly inspired the Lovecraft story "From Beyond" and MK Ultra, an LSD project that destroyed the lives of many subjects, according to

Patients of these CIA secret experiments have confirmed that the events did happen. The true events can also be confirmed by examining declassified government documents that contain directives to use human beings as subjects for biochemical agents, all for the purpose of controlling the mind.

Director Blair Erickson, does not specify exactly from where his information comes. Instead, he hopes that the making of the movie will allow viewers to read between the lines and explore the subject further.

Television shows that are similar in theme

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'Banshee Chapter' based on CIA-Mind Control Experiments
'Banshee Chapter' based on CIA-Mind Control Experiments Facebook:Banshee Chapter

'Banshee Chapter' based on CIA-Mind Control Experiments

Director Blair Erickson became intrigued with topic of mind control experiments that have been conducted by the CIA-government. The entire movie is inspired by two things: Covert government experiments and "From Beyond."

MKULTRA: LSD Experiments
MKULTRA: LSD Experiments Youtube:National Geographic

MKULTRA: LSD Experiments

Thinking back, if you have ever seen other movies that are similar to this one, you'll realize there are many people who are already aware of these secret government experiments.

Historical government experiments
Historical government experiments Youtube:National Geographic

Historical government experiments

The government-CIA has a long history of performing human experiments on unsuspecting individuals. A little research on the topic of human experimentation and testimony of mind control victims is quite enlightening.