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Bandai Tamashii Nations - Strike Witches - Yoshika Miyafuji

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Strike Witches is a weird series. Essentially, it is an alternate universe retelling of World War II, without the Nazis, or Pants. Instead of a conflict of nationalities, all of humanity is united against an alien race known as the Neuroi. When conventional weapons prove ineffective against the vast technologically superior aliens, humanity makes the obvious choice...strap magical fighter engines to teenage girls' legs and launch them at the aliens!

Seriously, that's the storyline. The plot revolves around the 501st Joint Fighter Squadron, the titular 'Strike Witches.' Yoshika Miyafuji is a young witch who is whisked away from her home and thrust into the fray in the parallel equivalent of the Battle Of Britain. Here, we look at Yoshika immortalized in action figure form as part of the Bandai Tamashii Nations Armor Girl Project.

Yoshika the Witch
Yoshika the Witch Author

Yoshika the Witch

Here's Yoshika in full battle mode, with her ears (I'm not sure the series ever explained why the witches have dog ears when using magic, so don't ask me), engines, cannon, and muzzle blasts. I know the second stand isn't supposed to be used that way, but she cannot hold her rifle up without some assistance.

At Ease
At Ease Author

At Ease

Yoshika with her normal hair, and in a more relaxed (and supportable) pose. Bandai's cahtchphrase for the Tamashii Nations line should seriously be "Just Like Figma, But They Work!" Seriously, it does all of the same things as a Figma, but the parts fit better, the plastic is sturdier, and the paint is marginally superior. The sling on the cannon, by the way, is a ribbon, which is an elegantly simple solution.

In The Box
In The Box Author

In The Box

Yoshika comes in an attractive and compact (for the amount of stuff inside) box. The window here gives you an idea of the sheer amount of contents, but this is only the beginning.

Box (Reverse)
Box (Reverse) Author

Box (Reverse)

Again, box is included because the photographers there are better at posing the figures than I am. Also, this does a reasonable job of showcasing some of the hand/hair/accessory combinations.

All Of The Things
All Of The Things Author

All Of The Things

This figure comes with a lot of stuff. You need to be emotionally prepared as you open this package for exactly how many options you have available. There's engines. Moving propellers, stationary propellers, extra hands, spell shield, ears, tail, half legs (which go in the engines) bases with multiple stem options. It really something.


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