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Bacon Lovers' Dream: Bacon Wrapped Dogs

Deep Fried Bacon Dogs
Deep Fried Bacon Dogs
Francie Griffith

This article is a gift for my son, Allister, who loves bacon more than anything and whose birthday is July 7.

I am not always the biggest fan of hot dogs, so I am always trying to find

creative ways to serve them that will make them more appetizing. I Do however, love bacon.

So running a bit low on supplies at the end of a long week, I found I had two items left to choose from:

Bacon and hot dogs.

I decided to do THIS:

Hickory-Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs


8 beef franks

8 strips of bacon Hickory or Applewood are best

One spicy dill pickle, cut into 8 slices, lengthwise.

8 bamboo skewers

8 hot dog buns or hoagie rolls

4 oz barbecue sauce (I like Sweet Baby Ray's)

.5 C finely chopped onion

5 C vegetable oil (or deep fryer)


Preheat a large skillet or deep fryer with oil.

Take one hot dog and spiral-wrap one strip of bacon around it

(similar to the stripes on a barber pole).

Secure with a skewer by overlapping the bacon to each end, then run the skewer through the center of the dog, making sure it pins the bacon down to each end of the hot dog.

If you end up with something that looks like a rotisserie hot dog with bacon on it, you are doing it right. (see list)

Place in sets of two into fryer and cook for about 4 minutes.

Remove and drain on paper towels. (I like to use a colander for this, as it is a large receptacle that does not let the oils pool at the bottom.)

Repeat with remaining dogs.

Steam buns or microwave for 30 seconds.

Carefully remove dogs from skewers, and place one in each bun.

Top with barbecue sauce. garnish each dog with one slice of dill pickle and about 1 T of chopped onion.

Serve immediately.

Bacon wrapped dogs
Bacon wrapped dogs Francie Griffith

Bacon wrapped dogs

Wrap bacon around dogs, so they look like the stripes on a barber pole, then secure each end with a bamboo skewer. (Can't have that bacon running off, now can we?

Deep fried bacon dogs, awaiting their fates.
Deep fried bacon dogs, awaiting their fates. Francie Griffith

Deep fried bacon dogs, awaiting their fates.

Deep fry in sets of two for 4 minutes or until bacon is crispy, then place each dog into a steamed bun.

Place on paper towels to drain. When fully drained, place each dog into a steamed bun.

Barbecue sauce.
Barbecue sauce. Francie Griffith

Barbecue sauce.

Top each dog with barbecue sauce. Sweet Baby Ray's or K.C. Masterpiece are good choices, think thick and smokey for this application as it goes well with the bacon.

Spicy dill pickle mini spears.
Spicy dill pickle mini spears. Francie Griffith

Spicy dill pickle mini spears.

Garnish each dog with a mini spear of spicy dill pickle, for some extra zing. To prepare your dill spears, cut one whole dill pickle into eight lengthwise slices.

Finely chopped onion.
Finely chopped onion. Francie Griffith

Finely chopped onion.

Chop onion finely for best results. You want to have enough for eight dogs so about half a cup will give you one tablespoon for each dog in a package of eight.

Finished bacon dog, about to meet its maker!
Finished bacon dog, about to meet its maker! Francie Griffith

Finished bacon dog, about to meet its maker!

Your finished bacon dog should look something like this. These make a great snack for the kids after school, or just about anytime. If you have a bacon lover in your house, they are gonna love these.

Serving Suggestion:
Serving Suggestion: Francie Griffith

Serving Suggestion:

Try these with barbecue chips or barbecue baked beans! The more smokey flavor the more it all ties together. I don't even like hot dogs and I had three, this was my plate. It wasn't that full for very long!

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