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August is Rum Month

August is Rum Month, order your favorite cocktail to celebrate
August is Rum Month, order your favorite cocktail to celebrate
Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Refreshing cocktails are a must for adult imbibers during hot summer months. Whether enjoying on the beach or from the front porch, August is International Rum Month. From fresh fruit infusions to creative muddling with unique ingredients, mixologists are stirring up classic and contemporary rum-inspired cocktails to celebrate the illustrious liquor.

Watermelon Press
Watermelon Press Courtesy of Hard Rock Cafe

Watermelon Press

Where to find it: Hard Rock Café, Denver

Overlooking the bustling 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver, Hard Rock Café is the perfect spot to unwind this Rum Month. With several French-Press style cocktails on the menu, these infused drinks are refreshing and colorful.


3 ea Lemon Wedges
2-3 ea Strawberries, hulled and quartered
1 oz Watermelon Puree
(To make the Watermelon Puree- remove the seeds from watermelon and cut into chunks then place into a blender and blend until smooth. You may need to add sugar if the watermelon is not sweet).

1 oz Cointreau
2 oz Bacardi Dragonberry Rum
7 oz Lemonade
7 oz Lemon-Lime soda


Hard Rock uses a French Coffee press to make this drink, but for making at home you can use a 20 oz glass pitcher or other container. Add fruit and puree to the pitcher, and lightly muddle fruit in bottom to release the juices before adding liquid ingredients. Add all remaining ingredients and stir. Fill serving glasses with ice, and pour. The recipe can be made several hours in advance to allow the fruit to better incorporate into the mix.

Infinite Passion
Infinite Passion Courtesy of Tryall Club

Infinite Passion

Where to find it: Infinity Villa, The Tryall Club, Jamaica

Infinity Villa at The Tryall Club is a 5-bedroom halcyon haven, which boasts breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. It features large rooms with traditional and eclectic furnishings as well as chef, bartender and butler. Infinity's bartender Dwayne Williams serves a delicious Infinite Passion, which blends strawberry puree, spiced rum and ginger beer, perfect for a hot day in the Caribbean.


¼ cup strawberry puree
4 oz spiced rum
Splash of ginger beer

Fill Highball glass with ice and strawberry puree, pour in rum, then top with ginger beer. Stir ad serve. Garnish with a strawberry.

Mango Mojito
Mango Mojito Courtesy of Westin Riverfront

Mango Mojito

Where to find it: Maya, Westin Riverfront Beaver Creek, Avon, CO

Richard Sandoval’s Maya Restaurant is spicing up the scene in the Vail Valley with Latin-inspired flavors. Overlooking the Eagle River, the idyllic location and exquisitely designed interior are a perfect place to enjoy this rum-based classic with fruity essence. Sit at the bustling bar or enjoy the outdoor firepit at this Westin Resort.

Mango Rum

Muddle mint and lime in highball glass. Mix ingredients to taste and garnish with mint sprig and lime wedge for a refreshing rum-inspired cocktail.

Reef Rum Punch
Reef Rum Punch Courtesy of Frenchman's Reef

Reef Rum Punch

Where to find it: Azul Pool Bar, Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort, St. Thomas

Frenchman's Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort in St. Thomas is a premier accommodation option in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The resort's Azul Pool Bar offers a refreshing Reef Rum Punch, which is made with Cruzan Raspberry Rum, Captain Morgan Silver Rum, Pomegranate Liqueur, Passion Fruit Juice and Mango juice.

1 ¼ ox Cruzan Raspberry Rum
1 ¼ oz Captain Morgan Silver Rum
½ oz Pomegranate Liqueur
½ oz Passion Fruit Juice
½ oz Mango Juice
½ oz Soda Water

Add all ingredients together except the soda. Mix and strain over ice into a highball glass. Top with soda water. Garnish with orange and lime wheel.

Red & Stormy Cocktail
Red & Stormy Cocktail Courtesy of Hotel de Russie

Red & Stormy Cocktail

Where to find it: Rocco Forte’s Hotel de Russie, Rome, Italy

Enjoy this vibrant cocktail at the Stravinskij Bar outdoor terrace. There's no better way to spend a summer afternoon in Rome than sipping this beverage in Hotel de Russie's infamous "Secret Garden."

1 ½ oz Bacardi Superior
1 oz Lime Juice
1 oz Ginger Syrup
Splash of Angostura Berry Reduction
Top with Ginger Beer

Shake and top with crushed ice. Serve in a Hurricane glass and sprinkle Mint Spring/ Berries /Lime/Shell/Ginger Slice/Powder Sugar. Serve with straw.

Summerlin’s Smash
Summerlin’s Smash Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Orlando

Summerlin’s Smash

Where to find it: Highball & Harvest, The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes

In September, The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes introduced a brand-new restaurant, Highball & Harvest ("H&H"), with an interactive cocktail table, featuring hand-carved ice, cocktail-making lessons, herb-infused ice cubes, ingredients from the resort's on-property farm, and more. For a citrusy taste of Orlando in the summer, try to rum-based Summerlin’s Smash.

1.25 oz Bacardi 8 Rum

1/2 oz Luxardo Maraschino

1/2 oz 3 chili Turbinado Syrup

1 piece each Pineapple Stick

1 piece Orange Half Moon

1/2Lime Juice

Angostura Bitters

Mint Leaves

Mint Bouquet

Build in crystal footed tumbler. Muddle orange and pineapple with chili syrup. Add rum, maraschino, lime juice and mint leaves in a Boston Shaker. Ice and shake until chilled, strain over crushed ice, cap garnish with mint Bouquet, pineapple stick, and fancy orange zest.