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Astrology Scams: 4 don'ts when obtaining astrology answers, reviews, & readings

You can get solid astrology answers and relationship advice without getting scammed.
C. Beswick

A new market research report out of Data Monitor reports that the estimated worth of the astrology industry ranks in the 50 billion dollar mark. Yikes. That is kind of ironic considering the Skeptics Blog along with a 2005 Gallup poll suggest that only 26% of us even believe in astrology. How then is that meager 26% of the consumer world supporting a 50 billion dollar industry?

Me thinks the skeptics doth protest too much. Which brings us to the subject of astrology scams. It seems there are as many scams out there as there are authority sites that you can actually use, and this can be a pickle if you use consult astrology for answers and relationship advice. The last thing you want is to have a broken heart and an empty wallet, right? So how do you find the right one?

Not only do we have astrology scams and psychic scams to worry about, but did you know that there are scammers about scammers now too? That's right. You could be reading a perfectly innocent looking review and about to make a purchase based on that review, when really the review has been written by a scammer trying to take you away from their competition....who is actually offering the better service.

Did you know that even happens?

When you combine the Age of Awareness with the Age of Technology and a 50 billion dollar industry, you are bound to come across some very greedy people. And some of them are going to be skeptics, or as the Christians like to say, "wolves in sheep's clothing".

How do you know who are the astrology scams?
How do you know who are the astrology scams?

How do you know who are the astrology scams?

So how in the heck are you going to get the best relationship advice without having to worry about being scammed? Well, if you stay in my camp I promise to help you get to the bottom of every down and dirty scammer out there if it is the last thing I do. There's nothing that annoys me more than a wolf in sheep's clothing taking money from the underdog.

In part one of our series on how to avoid astrology scams, we covered 4 DO's that you really want to keep in mind when you are using astrology services for relationship advice. When you think about it, it's just common sense really. But it can be easy to get carried away and lose a lot of money. Especially if you are feeling sad. But there are enough astrology scams and psychics out there that you should also be a little wary. But that doesn't mean you should give up on using astrology for answers and relationship advice all together.

There's nothing wrong with consulting with the stars once in a while to get an additional perspective on how things are looking in your life at any given moment. Some of the biggest people in the world have done it from Abraham Lincoln to Princess Diana. So if you find the right service, it can be a wonderful tool in your toolbox.

Just keep your head on like the great Abe and Princess Di did in their day to day lives and don't let yourself get carried away with it, or too upset about it. Remember, it's for entertainment purposes only, and anything you choose to do with the information you receive beyond that is between you and the universe.

To continue our series, here are some DON'TS to help make sure you don't get snowed by one of the less than reputable companies out there.

Don't expect to get something for nothing.
Don't expect to get something for nothing. C. Beswick

Don't expect to get something for nothing.

If you go in with that expectation, you will wind up with nothing, and will wind up as one of the people complaining about said company being an astrology scam. You're not fooling anybody.

Do engage in the free services but don't expect your life to change because you are only catching up on their email newsletter.

That's like taking the free toothbrush and dental floss your dentist keeps in the basket in his waiting room, and pinning your bright hopes for a wonderful dental future on those freebies.

You're going to go back to the dentist, and it's going to cost you if you want clean teeth. Suck it up buttercup, it's called living in a capitalist society in the 21st century. If you want a good quality service, you have to pay for it. In the astrology industry, you can't click the purchase now button and then complain because a business in the spirituality industry wasn't what you were expecting.

That's the equivalent of telling your dentist you refuse to pay him because he said you needed a crown, when you, who has never taken a day of dentist school in your life, were sure you just needed a filling. So don't expect to get something for nothing.

If you opened a business and someone came in and began ranting about how you wouldn't give them something for nothing, you would understand better why complaints in this field can sometimes come off as offensive.

Don't judge a company by one complaint, or even several.
Don't judge a company by one complaint, or even several. C. Beswick

Don't judge a company by one complaint, or even several.

Internet reviews today, good, bad, or ugly, are not what they used to be. You can't trust them any more than you can the advertisements on the side of your screen. Some of the most highly ranked reviews on the Internet today are written by people with just 10, 40, or 150 Twitter followers, or even just a handful of FB friends that they get to "like" keyword stuffed articles which leads to those articles ranking well.

Then, when YOU see that review ranked first, you automatically think it's credible because it's the first one that showed up, right? Wrong. Those reviews are often the least credible of them all. Here's why.

These reviewers aren't real reviewers, and are an offense to the investigative journalism industry. These reviewers are not credible sources to believe, they are just writers looking to rank an article and make a few pennies per click. They have no education, nothing to back up their credibility (because they have none), and are scammers in themselves trying to snow people away from leading authority astrology websites by giving them a bad name.

Before you trust their word, look into them (it's the last thing they want you to do). Do they have fewer twitter followers than you do? Then why are you taking their word as gold when they can't even earn their own following themselves? These aren't experts or professional horoscope reviewers. These are keyword stuffers.

Every company on the planet that is in business today will have that one person, or those few people, who need to complain about something. The layperson calls those "haters". The ecommerce industry considers them good publicists, because even haters are getting the word out there.
So why do these reviewers do that? Little thing called jealousy. That and they lack the big picture mentality.

When it comes to astrology related complaints that you see posted somewhere, you always, always have to take every single one of those with a grain slash pillar of salt because each person's experience is individual in the spiritual industry. You also have to take into consideration the fact that, in addition to using keyword stuffers to rank articles, companies pay people to write negative things about their competition. Ever heard the saying, "Not everything you read on the Internet is true."?

Think about it. People that are complaining about refund issues with an astrology based company are not in the position to say they do not believe in astrology or new age spirituality, and that it is all an astrology scam. They believed in the industry enough to hit the purchase now button at some point, if they are complaining about getting their money back.
But as soon as they feel they lost money, they call the company a scam and suddenly don't believe in astrology anymore. It doesn't work that way.

These people that write those reviews or complaints lose their credibility before they even hit the send button to register their complaint, so don't judge any astrology answers, reviews, or reports based on complaints alone. Many people will give their psychic or astrologer their life savings waiting for the lottery numbers and then get mad at them when they lose week after week.

It just doesn't work that way, and when you are on your quest of your Higher Self, the last thing you want to do is make decisions on the word of former customers who clearly lack the insight to see that.
We're back to that dentist example. You don't get to ask your dentist for your money back on the sole purpose that he told you something that wasn't exactly what you wanted to hear.

Don't judge one company from the word of mouth that someone didn't get their money back. Find a free service the site, astrologer, or psychic is offering, give the customer service a whirl for yourself first with that product and then make your decision from there.

And don't be afraid to send questions to the customer care department before you buy, that is what they are there for. Companies that act irritated that you went through inappropriate channels with your question do not have your best interests at heart. This is YOUR spirituality and your relationships that you are working with. You are in the driver's seat, don't let crankysuzie007 tell you what choices to make.

How much does their Client Care really care?
How much does their Client Care really care? Associated Press

How much does their Client Care really care?

In this day and age customer service is very important to consumers, with …reporting it is a leading factor of % of online shoppers. When you can't see the people who are selling you stuff, you want to believe they are going to be good to you. Consumers assess this through good client care.

Before you knock a company for its client care however, give them a test run first, and get a feel for them yourself. Does speed of customer service matter? To many, it really does, and a good client care team will be on top of this.

Just remember that despite all of its cynics, the business of astrology answers, reviews, and reports is a multi-billion dollar industry. A quality, authority company will have a top shelf client care team that is dedicated to meeting your needs around the clock.

Keyword stuffer psychic scams have websites that are often run on free services and platforms and have websites that are very difficult to navigate. If you don't get an immediate vibe off the website alone, drop customer service a random question and assess their level of service from there.

If your client care team does not respond within seconds, cut them a break. It may be the business of the heavens, but that does not mean they are actual angels running the show. They are just as human as you are. Cut them some slack, but do pay attention to the speed and manner in which they address your questions and concerns.

Remember when you are using astrology for answers and relationship advice you need to have a gentle combination of both head and heart. Reading insightful reports and astrology answers, reviews, or readings can provide significant hope to those that need a third eye on their current love situation. Princess Diana actually had a team of astrologers at her ready for whenever she had a question, and did so until the day that she died.

There's nothing wrong with getting a second opinion, just be sure that you bring your wits about you and be realistic about the process and the company that you invest in. And don't believe everything you hear.
If you use astrology for relationship advice, be sure you stay tuned as I continue this series on astrology scams and uncover some shocking truths about some of the most trusted "online psychics". These are the ones that are fooling a trusted following, and aren't even psychic at all. You aren't going to believe it!

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If you missed it, here's PART ONE of this series!

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