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Around Chicago golf courses, icy glaze adds to snow daze

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If you are an extraterrestrial that only landed in Chicago yesterday, you probably would not know that Jan. 1, 2014-Jan. 5, 2014, Chicago’s temperatures were below zero, and that huge amounts of snow fell. Well, to add to Chicago’s, winter woes, on Jan. 10, 2014, temperatures were warm enough for rain instead of snow to fall upon Chicago-land and its golf courses. Although this rain helped to melt the snow, such melting snow, and the newly-fallen rain, produced icy glazes—black ice.

Jan. 1-Jan. 9, I did not check golf courses to see if anyone was playing. However, the odds are 99.9% percent in favor of no one playing golf during those snowy, sub-zero days. Since most, if not all, Chicago-land golf courses are around parks, park conditions are important.

On the curbs, especially near sidewalks’ ends where they cross intersections, melted snow and rain created deep puddles. Many puddles were at least six inches deep. This amount of water will soak feet, shoes and socks. Of course, to get to golf courses and parks, even if it is just to see large expanses of undisturbed snow, requires driving or walking across intersections.

Most sidewalks around Chicago-land golf courses have asphalt or concrete construction. At approximately 3 p.m. on Jan. 10, on the Columbus Park Golf Course’s sidewalks, there was black ice. This black ice was in many spots that were mostly devoid of water puddles. Nonetheless, in Columbus Park, there were many more spots of standing water at least four inches deep on sidewalks than there were sections containing black ice.

o Columbus Park-Big Pond

o Columbus Park-Black Ice

o Columbus Park-Curving Fence

o Columbus Park-Northwest View

o Columbus Park-Pavilion A

o Columbus Park-Pavilion B

o Columbus Park-Pavilion C

o Columbus Park-Snowscape

o Columbus Park-Trucks Parking Lot

o Columbus Park-Vases Sculpture

Columbus Park-Big Pond
Columbus Park-Big Pond © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Columbus Park-Big Pond

The big pond at Columbus Park is behind the golf course. In fact, it is across the parking lot's driveway. Only about a 70 mph headwind will blow golf balls into this pond when golfers are driving from the first hole teeing ground. (The pond, which is covered with ice and snow, is in the far background.)

Columbus Park-Black Ice
Columbus Park-Black Ice © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Columbus Park-Black Ice

This black ice will not trip any golfers because no golfers were playing on Jan. 10, 2014. However, black ice can trip pedestrians who are walking around Columbus Park Golf Course to view undisturbed, snow expanses.

Columbus Park-Curving Fence
Columbus Park-Curving Fence © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Columbus Park-Curving Fence

This curving fence is behind Columbus Park Golf Course's, first hole teeing ground. This is a wooden fence. The view is looking northwest toward Jackson Boulevard.

Columbus Park-Northwest View
Columbus Park-Northwest View © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Columbus Park-Northwest View

In this northwest view, Columbus Park Golf Course's starter's shack is fully visible in the center middle ground. Part of the snack shack is visible in the left, middle ground. As you can see snow is almost everywhere.

Columbus Park-Pavilion A
Columbus Park-Pavilion A © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Columbus Park-Pavilion A

Columbus Park only has one, open-air pavilion, but this slide show consists of three views of this pavilion; therefore, I have designated this one as A. This is the view looking south. (The golf course is not in this view.) As you can see, snow has collected inside, and its depth varies from one inch to six inches.

Columbus Park-Pavilion B
Columbus Park-Pavilion B © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Columbus Park-Pavilion B

This is the south-southeast view. The lighting is darker. Four arches are prominent. The snow level is the same as in the previous slide. (The golf course is not in this view.)

Columbus Park-Pavilion C
Columbus Park-Pavilion C © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Columbus Park-Pavilion C

This is the eastern view. In the far background is the big pond. Two arches and a concrete balcony are visible in the middle ground. (The golf course is not in this view.)

Columbus Park-Snowscape
Columbus Park-Snowscape © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Columbus Park-Snowscape

You can see the snow landscape-snowscape [sic]. Part of the golf course is visible in the background on the left side. Photographing from within the pavilion allowed me to avoid the steadily, falling rain.

Columbus Park-Truck Parking Lot
Columbus Park-Truck Parking Lot © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Columbus Park-Truck Parking Lot

On Jan. 10, there are at least four trucks in Columbus Park Golf Course's parking lot. I am uncertain as to whether some of these trucks are hauling snow or hauling road salt. Some of these trucks may be hauling neither; they may just be using this park's lot as a temporary, rest stop.

Columbus Park-Vase Sculpture
Columbus Park-Vase Sculpture © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Columbus Park-Vase Sculpture

Having exaggerated, width dimensions so as to fit Examiner's, optimum, slide format, this stone vase at Columbus Park shows a snowy top. Part of Columbus Park Golf Course is visible on both sides of the vase.


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