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Arm knitting projects

Mary Beth Temple
Design originals

The craze continues and the results are amazing. Now there is an "Arm Knitting" booklet on how to make a 30 - minute infinity scarf and 14 other projects by designer Mary Beth Temple. The book includes patterns for scarves, cowls, wraps, and capes. Follow the detailed instructions and you will have mastered the skills in no time.

No needles required. The steps to introduce you to arm knitting are both written and photographed, showing you how to cast on, "knit", bind off and seam. You will also learn how to introduce stripes and color blocking. Several skeins of yarn is all you need to produce wonderfully chunky results.

The book is filled with clear photographs of the finished pieces from several angles. This is easy and fun. Once you have the concept, why not teach a child.

Arm Knitting
Arm Knitting Simply Maggie

Arm Knitting

Arm knitting has been working its way through the knitting community for over a year now. It has reached the tipping point and has gone viral. The best part about it is, you only need yarn, no needles required.

What is the right age to teach a child to knit
What is the right age to teach a child to knit pin

What is the right age to teach a child to knit

The right age to teach a child to knit is whenever your child shows an interest. Children are not too young to learn if they ask. Usually at the age of five or six, children have enough dexterity to handle the needles. Tying shoes is an easy test. Arm knitting might be just the hobby.

Rubber Band Craft
Rubber Band Craft Design Originals

Rubber Band Craft

'Rubber Band' craft is still on top as the hit for tweens and teens and has staying power. Colleen Dorsey has come out with another rubber band craft book. This time it is "Epic Rubber Band Crafts" with 15 projects. It has totally cool gadget gear with never before seen bracelets, awesome action figures and more.