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'Another Woman's Husband' Lifetime movie similar to 'Just Between Friends'

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"Another Woman's Husband" is a movie drama that aired on Lifetime Network for the first time on Tuesday, March 7, 2000. "Another Woman's Husband" is directed by Noel Nosseck and is based on the 1998 novel "Swimming Lessons" by Anna Tuttle Villegas and Lynne Hugo. It stars Gail O'Grady, Lisa Rinna and Dale Midkiff, as stated in the New York Times.

Produced by C.M. Two and Hearst Entertainment, the movie follows the story of a married swimming instructor/coach who strikes up a friendship with a female student in her swimming class. The two women become best friends but their friendship is tested when it is revealed that they share the same man.

"Another Woman's Husband" touches on themes of forbidden love, adultery, abandonment, friendship between women, and betrayal of trust in the marriage. The movie's theme is noticeably similar to an old 1980's movie entitled "Just Between Friends" starring Mary Tyler Moore and Christine Lahti.

The book that inspired the movie was discussed in several articles that appeared in Good Housekeeping magazine in the late 1990's.

"Another Woman's Husband" (2000) full movie
"Another Woman's Husband" (2000) full movie dvd photo

"Another Woman's Husband" (2000) full movie

Here is the dvd cover for the movie "Another Woman's Husband." The full movie is available on Lifetime's website at times. It is also available on Amazon.

"Just Between Friends" (1986) movie
"Just Between Friends" (1986) movie dvd cover

"Just Between Friends" (1986) movie

The movie "Just Between Friends" has a similar plot. In this film, the two women meet at an exercise class. Soon the two become inseparable until it comes to light that they are both sleeping with the same man.

"Swimming Lessons' Anna Tuttle Villegas and Lynne Hugo
"Swimming Lessons' Anna Tuttle Villegas and Lynne Hugo book cover

"Swimming Lessons' Anna Tuttle Villegas and Lynne Hugo

"Swimming Lessons" is a novel by Anna Tuttle Villegas and Lynne Hugo. The book was reviewed in "Good Housekeeping" magazine and later turned into a Lifetime movie.