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An easy vegan recipe for newbies

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"What can I do to keep my baby safe?", is the first question almost every expectant mom asks herself.

Driven by a new purpose in life, many women forego chemical treatments to their hair like relaxers or perms. Some even decide to do away with bad habits like smoking and drinking. There are still others who up the ante by adopting a healthy exercise program.

New Mommies want to do everything they can to aid in a safe and successful delivery, however, there are so many uncontrollable variables that are out of their hands. Fortunately, one sure fire way to improve the health of mom and baby has to be improving nutrition. Foregoing meat products, decreasing fast food and going organic are all ways to start on the path to better nutrition.

In the swarm of fads and pop culture it can be confusing, even daunting, to know where to begin the process. The smart way to start without overwhelming one's self is to start slowly. This is important to preserve momentum. It is hard to start something new, but it is very disappointing to begin and then fail due to overzealous goals.

Check out the list below for an easy vegan recipe anyone, (mom or otherwise), can try their hand at to test the waters on whether they will truly be able to stick to such a different style of eating.

Vegan scrambled eggs is a versatile, "go to", vegan dish that can morph into two or three additional dishes and can be made in advanced. Give it a try!

NOTE: The five basic ingredients listed for the tofu eggs make this an excellent dish, but if you want to kick it up a notch, add a half teaspoon of Mckays Chicken Style Broth and Seasoning, a few shakes of Texas Pete Hot Sauce and a pinch of Lawry's Seasoning Salt. Also note that soy products have unfortunately been infiltrated by industries' genetic modifications. Therefore, be sure to look for the "non-GMO" marking that will ensure you are getting a good source of soy. Finally, go organic whenever possible to avoid the presence of unwanted pesticides and other chemicals.

Up next, two more delicious dishes you can create from the tofu eggs you just mastered!

Extra Firm Tofu
Extra Firm Tofu Photo by

Extra Firm Tofu

Extra firm tofu is a must. The texture and consistency mimics that of real eggs once it is cooked. Begin by draining the tofu package thoroughly. Place it in a hot pan that has been coated with soy butter or use a non-stick pan. Place the block of tofu in the middle of the pan and "mash" into bits with a fork. Continue to break the tofu up with a fork until it reaches the desired consistency (in other words the consistency you usually prefer your regular eggs to be). As the tofu begins to dry out slightly, but not completely, move to your next ingredient.

Turmeric Photo by


The source of this beautiful photo of turmeric, Mother Nature Network, will inform you that turmeric has many medicinal properties, one of which is its use as a cancer treatment. In this dish, however, its main purpose is to give the "egg" its signature yellow-ish color. This is a mind thing of course, but it helps one to feel as though they are not missing anything. Humans eat with the eyes, nose and tongue, virtually every sense. Therefore, keeping the consistency in color could also help with the transition to this non-dairy alternative to eggs. Keep in mind turmeric does have a bit of a flavor, but here it simply blends in with all the other delicious and healthy ingredients and does not over power the dish in anyway.

Sea Salt
Sea Salt Photo by

Sea Salt

Sea salt is processed by the body better than table salt. All natural sea salt is best, but for those concerned about there iodine intake purchasing sea salt with iodine added is good too. A dash of sea salt will enhance the flavor of the tofu eggs and compliment the other flavors in the dish.

Garlic Powder
Garlic Powder Photo by

Garlic Powder

One of the things people fear when converting to a vegan diet or even embarking upon a more healthy diet is loss of taste. "Will it taste good?" is a big question. By adding big flavors like garlic to savory foods one can make the transition a little easier. Because this dish is for newbies or even for those who are a little intimidated by cooking, using the garlic powder will add that punch of flavor, with out the work of peeling and chopping garlic.

Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne Pepper Photo by

Cayenne Pepper

Similar to garlic or garlic powder, a little cayenne pepper can add another layer of flavor that can make transitioning from unhealthy food to healthier fare easier. It can be used sparingly for a little pop or generously for a punch. Either way it adds a lot of flavor to the tofu eggs. Plus, it comes with its own list of health benefits.